Amenaza Mexicana Vol. 2


De La Escena Para La Escena
From The Scene To The Scene
De La Scene Pour La Scene

Ama La Musica, Odia El Fascismo

Amenaza Mexicana regresa con un segundo cassette compilatorio llamada “Ruido para sobrevivir al capitalismo en el tercer mundo” preparado y organizado por el Sindicato Internacional del Punk y Hardcore Anticapitalista.

En el Volumen 2 mezclamos bandas de distintos géneros del punk; punk rock melódico, hardcore, hardcore punk, gótico, raw punk y horror punk de distintas ciudades de todo México.

Rebel Time Records, Discos Machete, Sangre Caliente e Incendiario siguen trabajando de manera unida para apoyar a las bandas a difundir su música de manera virtual y física.


The International Anti-Capitalist Punk and Hardcore Union presents Amenaza Mexicana Vol. 2 (“Mexican Threat Vol. 2”): ”Noise to Survive Capitalism in the Third World.” This is a twelve-song compilation cassette showcasing Mexican underground punk. A wide array of genres make appearances on this tape. Kicking off with a couple tracks of melodic punk rock, it changes gears and brings us some goth-y deathrock and hardcore punk before spinning on its heels, taking us back full circle. The B-side gets a little less predictable, immediately kicking you in the face with back-to-back hardcore tracks before delving into driving, metallic crust punk and some sort of metal-infused shoegaze, switching back to the easier digestible hardcore punk and more melodic punk before the weirdness gets a little too weird. There is a bit of something for everyone on this compilation, the Union really doing their part to try to unite the different punk factions. All in all, a cool compilation with an even cooler message: “Ama La Musica, Odia El Fascismo” (“Love Music, Hate Fascism”). Bring on Vol. 3! (MaximumRockNRoll)