Rebel Time Records is a volunteer run, independent music based project founded in 2008 and operating out of Hamilton and Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. The label has worked with many notable punk, ska, hardcore and oi! artists from across Canada, as well as internationally, and continues to be the home for socially conscious, politically engaged, anti-authoritarian and multi-lingual underground music.

Releasing vinyl, CDs, cassettes and digital music, and working in collaboration with other artists and labels with like-minded principles, Rebel Time Records aspires to be part of the network keeping a critical and positive music scene going. The label mainly organizes shows in the Southern-Ontario region, while providing tour support for artists, and broadcasting it’s own weekly radio show.

The label and it’s members have aligned themselves with a variety of activist and political projects in the past and continue to do so on both a collective and individual level while reflecting a wide range of issues and struggles.

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