The Class Assassins

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Formed in 2001 in Toronto, Ontario, The Class Assassins have an enviable punk rock pedigree, with members having done time over the past 20+ years in such notable and notorious Southern Ontario outfits as Direct Action, Bitter Grin, Problem Children, Sinkin’ Ships, Chronic Submission and Hockey Teeth. The Class Assassins are experienced, they’re scene veterans and they’re in it for the long-haul.

The Class Assassins deal in anthemic, sing-a-long, melodic streetpunk. The songs are raucous, relevant, riff-laden and rabble-rousing. Combining a full-on two-guitar attack and infectious, catchy-as-heck choruses with insightful and inciteful lyrics, they’re the kind of band that will have you raising a fist as well as a pint.

To date, The Class Assassins have released a series of well-received 7”s, CDs/albums, as well as a digital-only release via Soap and Spikes, TKO Records, Insurgence Records and, most recently, Rebel Time Records.

The band has been favourably compared to punk rock standard bearers such as Bad Religion, The Angelic Upstarts, Sham 69 and The Clash. Reviewers have noted that The Class Assassins sound is “melodic street punk done so well it just might set a new standard for other like-minded bands,” and that every song is a “shout-along, working-class punk anthem.”

“Trading in shout-along working class anthems, this five-piece outfit knows a good sloganeering chorus when they see it – and boast thug-like backing vocals to boot, just so you don’t miss their meaning. This is tuneful punk in the vein of Bad Religion, with lots of familiar yet memorable hooks…” – Eye Magazine

“Merging together amidst the ashes of various Canadian street punk acts such as the Vacant Lot, Chronic Submission, and the Problem Children, Toronto’s Class Assassins kick it in a Stiff Little Fingers/Sham 69 kinda way.” – Maximum Rocknroll

“This is European-style streetpunk with a frenetic, melodic edge. It’s a catchy and captivating foot-stompin’ aural romp…” – Razorcake

“Honest and stripped down quality street punk n’ roll from this Toronto outfit that boasts veterans from notables Vacant Lot and The Problem Children, among others. Big, catchy Oi!-flavored sing-alongs rule the day.”