The Fallout – Raise Your Flag And Other Anthems


Straight-up, stripped-down political punk rock out of Toronto. Taking their cue from Pete Seeger’s quote “the people are on the march and must have songs to sing,” you get four tracks of partisan and unapologetically political agitp(r)op punk rock. Songs of unity, inclusion, solidarity and struggle.


From Punk Online:

The Fallout describe their sound as “straight-up, stripped-down politically-charged punk rock that’s got backbone and backbeat” and they are dead on the money. Their latest four-track EP, Raise Your Flag And Other Anthems, sees the Toronto, Canada based band on stellar form.

The fast-paced yet melodic punk rock of Red Light Union blends the likes of The Blitz, Bad Religion and the UK Subs to craft a belting sound with some excellent vocal interplay. The SLF like guitar opening to Walk In The Sun sets up a maniacally fast drumbeat and some seriously energetic punk rock power that blows away the cobwebs completely.

The superb Raise Your Flag is next, and the pace is maintained although the group vocals encourage a streetpunk, ‘punch the air’ response that had the entire office moshing with huge smiles on our faces. The closer, Wage Slave seals the deal with a chunky, serrated guitar and anthemic like vocal delivery. As the song fades, I am left with a feeling of discovering the spirit of punk alive and kicking with a rhythm section that is simply outstanding!”

From Underdog Zine:

THE FALLOUT verknüpfen Solidarität (Red Light Union working girls, Pro-Homo) und Punk zu einer Melange aus ANGELIC UPSTARTS und 3-Akkorde-Punkrock. Auflehnung, Pogo, Arbeiterklassensymbolik: real music from the street and from the heart. Side by side und open minded. Alle 4 Songs sind musikalische Sing-a-longs, hymnisch-flotte Smasher mit Botschaft und Attitüde. Dabei verzichten sie auf inhaltsleere Phrasen und Parolen und manövrieren sich mit Melodie, Härte und Tempo mit gezielter Kritik durch die Krisen, die von Kapitalismus, Xenophobie, Homophobie, Unterdrückung und Ausbeutungsverhältnisse geprägt und begleitet werden. “Raise your flag and other anthems” ist der aufrüttelnde Soundtrack mit Möglichkeit eigenständiger dissidenter Subkultur und dem mündigen Handeln, liefert eine entsprechende Erwartungshaltung an den Inhalt, der Neugierde und Interesse wecken soll. THE FALLOUT kombinieren also Politik mit einer harmonischen Melodic-Punk-Spielart als Denkprozess zu einem autonomen, unabhängigen und erfüllten Leben. (Underdog Zine)

From Dying Scene:

The four song EP aptly named Raise Your Flag and Other Anthems is chalk full of singalongs and anthemic music that will have you chugging the maple syrup before you realize it’s 9 AM and it’s probably not wise to chug maple syrup. This beauty is to be released through Rebel Time Records

This is the first new music from The Fallout since 2007’s Dismantlement. If you’re a fan of Anti-Flag or The Bouncing Souls these guys combine the angst of Anti-Flag with the anthemic genius that is The Bouncing Souls, so do yourself a favor and check these guys out.