Straight out of Montreal.

An eclectic and electric mix of street punk / oi! / hardcore and just a wee bit of post-punk ( think Tachanka or Syndrome 81 ), featuring folks from bands like Action Sedition, Union Thugs and Jeunesse Apatride.

From the band’s bio:

Inspired by a street punk and Oi! noise with a touch of Hardcore and Post-Punk, Asbestos has set out to illustrate through music the general gloom of the global pandemic by adopting the image of a decommissioned industrial town that had to change its name to successfully break away from its mining past.

Much like the times in which the album was produced, the music and lyrics of Asbestos do not ooze joy. Inspired in particular by the strikers of 1949, the group’s lyrics tell of a stark reality, that of those left behind, drug addicts, residents of rooming houses, the poor and other good-for-nothing of all kinds.

From an interview:

We proudly wear our colors and we want to be clear on this, we are all people from the far left and you will never see us on the same flyer as groups that do not share close or far from our ideas, especially when it comes to anti-fascism. Personally, I don’t feel the need to repeat what everyone who listens to us already knows. It is certain that there will be symbolic elements here and there, but it will not be a CNT parade in Barcelona in 1936. Not to mention that the more depressing aspect of post-punk does not have a sound that opens the door to an uprising of the masses