Brigada Roja – 2007-2011 Discrografia Incompleta




A very fierce collection from Mexico’s BRIGADA ROJA. Guttural vocals, nasty guitars, and an approach that blends Y2K thrashy hardcore with classic clenched-fist Mexican punk. Nineteen doses of intense and powerfully anti-racist hardcore punk recorded between 2007—2011, given the treatment from the folks at Rebel Time because…this is real, and it needs to exist. (Maximum RocknRoll)

Hey guys, here is another great release from our friends at Rebel Time Records from Canada. This is a compilation from 2007 to 2011 called Discografia Incompleta from Brigada Roja. They formed in 2005 in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon in Mexico, and are a hardcore punk with political lyrics. The band was formed by Diego Armando (who formed as well the band Afterboltxebike band). They are the first mexican band to be part of PRI (Rock Proletario Internacional) the union that was started in 2005 by the spanish band Nucleo Terco. Their message is a strong anti racist, working class struggle and social problems. Incendiario Fanzine from Mexico is making the cassette while Discos Machete from Mexico as well and Rebel Time Records are in charge of digital release. This compilation has 19 tracks and is a collection of the band recorded material. The band as well was active in the scene and as well they were involved in the a lot of activism, also between 2009-2010 they were helping in collect funds to help recovering the 63 bodies of miners who died in a mining accident in Pasta de Conchos, Coahuila because of negligence of the Mexico mining minister and corruption. Thanks to Randy Rebel Time. Cheers!!! (Mpty Zine)