The Class Assassins – The Addiction & The Solution



From Street Voice:

Canadian Street Punk outfit ‘Class Assassins’ are back with a new single and it’s a pretty cool release. The A-Side ‘The Addiction’ is a full on high quality punk rock affair that you’d expect from these guys. What makes this single is the second track ‘The Solution’ which is a up-tempo punk rock number lasting over 9 minutes! I was quite surprised how well it works as I was expecting the song to be dragged out but how wrong I was. If you love bands like the Clash then you’ll certainly enjoy what’s on offer with the Class Assassins. 8/10  (Street Voice)

From Altered Frequencies:

Formed in 2001 in Toronto, Ontario THE CLASS ASSASSINS and play anthemic, sing-a-long, melodic street punk that will stick in your ear holes and won’t get shook out.

This two song single is being released online only, which kind of sucks because I like to actually own the physical copies of my music, but with such a great band like THE CLASS ASSASSINS, I will forgive this crime…this time! It starts off with “The Addiction” which has the power that I expect from their releases, great gang vocals, raspy lead vocals, chiming guitar playing that has a touch of THE CLASH to it, pounding drums, bass playing that fits perfectly in tune with the drumming and a chorus that is huge, and “The Solution” starts off with some acoustic guitar, some feedback and then the band kicks you in the teeth with its hard-hitting street punk that has great gang vocals, and playing that will get you moving whether you want it to or not, and you will comply to their music and move your ass.

With the great lyrics and their talent at playing, this is a release that needs to be heard by a lot of people, tell your friends to go and get this download and play it loud and proud. Every time I see something new from this band, I must get it, they are that good! (Altered Frequencies)

From Oi Oi Music

The Class Assassins from Canada have been away for a while but after a period of silence the band reformed a few years ago. I always liked their music, but since they reformed i became really enthusiastic about them.

The potential of this band is huge. They come from a streetpunk background with a blue colour attitude but they added a melodic rock’n’roll edge to their music which reminds me to bands as Social Distortion or Reno Divorce. I think even people who are into bands like Strike Anywhere, Rise Against or Propagandhi will appreciate this band.

Earlier this year the band recorded two songs to gain some attention and to show the people they are still here. The first song is called The Addiction and shows the regular Class Assassins ingredients: clean vocals with a raw edge, sing-along chorusses, while the guitar sounds like a streetpunked version of Social Distortion.

The other, The Solution, song is quite amazing. It clocks over 9 minutes and i can’t remember i heard a punk song of this length which didn’t bore me at all! Honestly it took me a few listenings to realise it such a long song.

Even though i mentioned the band name Social Distortion a few times, The Class Assassins certainly don’t sound like a copycat or dime a dozen, on the contrary! (Oi Oi Music)