Les Partisans / Les Trois Huit – Split 7″


A co-production with Rusty Knife Records, General Strike Records, Dure Realitè, Aggrobeat, Rumagna Sgroza and Rockout Fascism


From Oi Oi Music:

Rusty Knife and Company are not resting they are cranking out more records! Now we have a two song split single of a classic French band from the 90’s making a comeback and the up and coming Les Trois Huit.
If you are not familiar with Les Partisans let me try to explain their sound. A lot of people called them a Oi! band but honestly that is not correct. Yes, they have some of those elements in their sound but they have a horn section and mix in touches of soul and heavy amount of Mod revival sounds. There sound reminds me of The Redskins.
Mauvais Garcons” delivers a catchy hard mod rocker with a great bouncing bass line and those guitars churning infectious riff after riff.  If hard mod songs are your thing then this band delivers the goods with their new song. I am glad to see these guys are back making music again. I am also releaved that their comeback song is this fucking good.
Les Trois Huit finishes the record off with “Jeunesse Fichée“.  The weight and attitude of this song will appeal to the real Oi! fans that may listen to this record. Not long ago I raved about this bands self titled album on this page. Here is me raving again. The mix of heavy Oi! and the saxophone gives that melancholy melody that fucking works perfectly on this song.
If French Oi! and Mod is what you love then check this out. You will want to get this record for sure. If you are new to the world scene and looking to explore the many bands of France this is a great record to start with.   I can not wait to get my copy on vinyl. I am sure I will be playing this record a lot.
For fans of: French music punk / Oi! / and Mod.” (Oi Of America)