The Fallout – “Casualty” EP

Hot on the heels of their “The Times Have Never Changed” album, The Fallout are back with “Casualty,” a four-song, digital-only release.

As always, a free / pwyc release on Bandcamp. Of course, you can stream it on Spotify, Youtube, etc., etc., as well.

Released by Discos Machete (Mexico) and Rebel Time Records (Canada).

Dig it!

Here’s a review of the EP from A.J. and The Punk Site:

“It’s only been six months since Canada’s The Fallout released the impressive “The Times Have Never Changed” album but now they’re back with the “Casualty” EP, that, as with their previous releases, is available as a ‘name your price’ download via Canada’s Rebel Time Records and Mexico’s Discos Machete imprint. If you’re not familiar with The Fallout then try and imagine something that’s manning the barricades on the edge of the same territory occupied by Anti-Flag and D.O.A., this is political punk rock with it’s roots deep in the scene, but this is not a band looking back, this is the sound of a band facing the future and tackling it head on.

What you get on the “Casualty” EP is four tracks that are delivered in around eight minutes, the EP’s title track launches you straight into a manic and timely blast of energy, the second wave of “Miracles For Sale” takes on religion and challenges blind faith with a blast of straight up old school punk rock. The throttle is twisted and we get back up to speed with a hit of melodic punk rock that raises a middle finger at religion and politics, that is appropriately titled ‘Same Old Shit‘. The “Casualty” EP bows out with ‘Warpath‘ another barbed slice of stripped down straight up political punk rock.

The Fallout are a band that keep the flag burning in the tradition of the best political punk bands, the energy on display backs up the political conviction, and make no mistake, both are equally important elements of The Fallout. “Casualty” combines a die hard D.I.Y. attitude & a genuine conviction, this is all delivered with a generous punk heart, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by checking this out. If you love your punk with a direct, coherent and energetic message then this is for you. The Fallout are a band who do what they do purely because it’s what they love and to say what needs to be said.”

You can stream and download the “Casualty” EP via Rebel Time Records and Discos Machete”

Here’s videos for a couple of the songs:

footage: G20 demo /police kettling protesters at Queen St. & Spadina Ave. / Toronto / June 26, 2010

They burst in
Stop and stare
Feel the burn
The flame flares
Kicked in the head
Bloody gash
Floor turns red
You’re fading fast
Freedom’s a casualty
Tried to recall
A better time
The downfall
The highest climb
The sun dawns
Day breaks
Your freedom
What they take

footage: women’s marches against gender violence and femicide and for legal abortion / Mexico City / 2020

From a thousand towns
Their heading down
On the warpath
As if you needed proof
Manifested youth
Are on the warpath
A system self reverent
Unable to remain silent
Will get torn apart

As we march along the warpath

Students make plans
Workers take stands
On the warpath
Fathers and sons
Have just begun
Down the warpath

Daughters and their mothers too
Will decide and they shall choose
Lead from the heart
As we march down the warpath

Action Sedition: A Couple Of Videos

Made up a couple of quick videos for a couple of classic Action Sedition songs:


from the Streets of Rage / Action Sédition split 10″ / 2014

released on Casual Records (France), Mad Butcher Records (Germany), Rebel Time Records (North America) and Street Influence Records (Russia)

footage: various antifascist demonstrations / Montreal



Le fascisme est la dernière mode
L’Italie célèbre son Duce
Rien n’effacera cette triste période
Le régime nazi est bien ancré

En Espagne l’armée se révolte
Suivant l’exemple des Italiens
Les cathos sont à sa solde
Les forces de la réaction sont en lien

Non, ils ne passeront pas, nous ne les laisserons pas
Non, nous ne reculerons pas, nous ne reculerons pas

À son tour le peuple se lève
Pour faire face au péril fasciste
Il met en œuvre ses rêves
Libertaires et socialistes

En Catalogne on groupe les terres
Les usines sont autogérées
On repousse les frontières
De la théorie appliquée

Non, ils ne passeront pas, nous ne les laisserons pas
Non, nous ne reculerons pas, nous ne reculerons pas (BIS)

Les fachos sont solidaires
Les avions allemands sillonnent les airs
Ils veulent mater la révolte populaire
L’exil au nord est nécessaire

La lutte est internationale
La France est envahie par Hitler
Notre expérience devient cruciale
Les premiers résistants se terrent


Fascism is back in style
Italy celebrates its Duce
Nothing will erase this sad period.
The Nazi regime is settled in

The army is revolting in Spain.
Following the Italian example
Catholics have sold out
Reactionary forces are united.

No, they will not pass, we will not let them pass
No, we will not back down, we will not back down

The people rise up
To face the fascist threat
They make their dreams reality
Anarchists and socialists

In Catalonia the lands are collectivized
Factories are self-organized
Borders are pushed back
Theory is put into practice

No, they will not pass, we will not let them pass
No, we will not back down, we will not back down (x2)

The fascists are united
German planes mark the skies
They want to put down the popular uprising
Exile in the north becomes necessary

The struggle is international
France is invaded by Hitler
Our experience becomes crucial
The first resistors take root.


from the Action Sedition / Spanner split 7″ “History Lessons” / 2014

footage: student demonstrations / Montreal / 2013


Classe contre classe
Toujours nous nous battrons
Classe contre classe
Jamais nous ne renoncerons
L’usine du quartier qui ferme
Encore des centaines d’emplois de perdus
La colère en nous qui germe
Plusieurs familles se retrouvent à la rue
Entre se tuer, boire ou gueuler
J’ai choisi de combattre pour ma dignité
Ma classe, on l’a humiliée
L’heure de la vengeance a enfin sonnée
Le chômage ne suffit pas
Les propriétaires ne font pas crédit
C’est le retour aux sous-emplois
La précarité les enrichit
Les syndicats ne bougent pas vraiment
Gangrénés par la bureaucratie
Le pouvoir des patrons s’étend
Plus on gratte plus c’est pourri
Classe contre classe (x8)
Pourtant nous n’avons pas bien le choix
Si nous voulons voir nos chaînes se briser
Il faut s’organiser pour le combat
Le capitalisme, il faut l’éliminer
C’est par la lutte que nous vaincrons
La bourgeoisie et tous ses valets
Le rapport de force nous le renverserons
Car entre les classes il n’y a pas de paix



Class against class
We will always fight on
Class against class
We will never back down
The local factory is shutting down
Hundreds of jobs are lost once again
Anger is building inside of us
Families find themselves on the streets
Between killing, drinking or shouting
I’ve decided to fight for my dignity
They’ve humiliated my class
Time for revenge has finally arrived
Welfare is not enough
Landlords won’t accept credit
It’s a return to underemployment
Precariousness enriches them
Unions do nothing
Infected with bureaucracy
The power of the bosses spreads
The more we scratch, the more rot we find
Class against class (x8)
Yet we don’t have much choice
If we want to break our chains
We must organize for the fight
Capitalism must be eliminated
We will win through the struggle
The bourgeoisie and its servants
We will overthrow the balance of power
Because there can be no peace between classes

The Fallout – Same Old Shit And Some New Shit

The Fallout will be releasing a digital EP very shortly!

Here’s something to hold you over until the EP drops.  The song “Same Old Shit”was written by bass player Patty O’Lantern many years ago whilst he was a member of The Embarrassments. It was inspired, says Patty, “by Basquiat artwork. I wrote it just after Bush won his 2nd term.”

… footage: anti-bush demo / halifax, nova scotia, canada / 2004 …

Politics and a crucifix the same fight we always had
Blood runs as thick as oil but these days it’s twice as fast
Hatred spills in off the streets and it’s filtered in through glass
And all that remains is this price tag on our backs

It’s the same old shit

Everybody’s got a price and it’s quickly going down
We’re all just dollar signs so we’d better cash out now
In this razor wire playpen we can have fun within bounds
Don’t pick us up we’re in love with falling down

It’s the same old shit

Politics and a crucifix the same fight we always had
Blood runs as thick as oil but these days it’s twice as fast
In this razor wire playpen we can have fun within bounds
Don’t pick us up we’re in love with falling down

It’s the same old shit

Rebel Tunes For Rebel Times – Podcast

OK,so we’re figuring out how to do a podcast! Here’s the first two episodes of Rebel Tunes For Rebel Times … dig it … the sounds of revolution …




Hockey Teeth – Not So Long Ago

The Fallout – Turn It Down

Broadcast Zero – It Dies With You

Lucky Malice – Revolt

Lucky Malice – Resistance

Slow Faction – Antifascist

Guerilla – The Streets Are Ours

Afterboltxebike – No Pasaran

Brigada Flores Magon – RASH

Mossin Nagant – Redskins

Fontanelle – R.A.S.H.

Guardia Bermellon – Redskins

Street Troopers – Sharp As A Knife

Jeunesse Apatride – Equality

The Prowlers – Voisin De La Terreur

Action Sedition – Nous Ne Reculerons Pas



( Never Again Without A Rifle! / Ni Mai Piú Sin Fucile! )

The Rebel Spell – I Am A Rifle

The Subhumans – Urban Guerrilla

Guerilla – First Wordz

Guerilla – U.G.A.C.

Guerilla – Freedom Fighters

Spanner – Freedom Fighters

Urban Vietcong – Gli Invisibili

Action Sédition – Prisonniers Politiques

Afterboltxebike – A Las Armas

Brigada Roja-Zapatistas

Brixton Cats – FTP

Ya Basta – FTP

The Fallout – Same Old Shit



( Struggle Together! Class Struggle Is The Motor Of History! )

Urban Vietcong – Attacco

Brigada Flores Magon – Pour Ma Classe

Action Sedition – Classe Contre Classe

Cor Fort- Actitud, Patria i Classe

The Class Assassins – No Justice No Peace

The Prowlers – Oi Against Racism

The Fallout – One Last Struggle

Mayday – Together

Afterboltxebike – De Que Lado Estas

ShotCallers – Luchas

Makhnário – Na Ponta do Fuzil

Killing Fields – Down To My Last Round



( in which we go a little heavy on the Lee Reed )

Union Made – Intro

Union Made – The Great Divide

Lee Reed, Kay the Aquanaut & Mother Tareka – Antifa

Lee Reed – ACAB

Streetlight Saints – Our Common War (Bash the Fash)

Steelhead – Enemy In Blue

Hold A Grudge – Straight To The Point

Lee Reed – Racist

Lee Reed & Mother Tareka ft. !KrymeWon. – 100

The Fallout – Strange Fruit

The Rebel Spell – Pride and Prejudice

Action Sedition – Nous Ne Reculerons Pas

Lee Reed – Killshot

The Fallout – Shock and Awe

Interview With Diego Armando

… here’s an interview with Diego Armando, singer / guitarist for Afterboltxebike … borrowed from the Más Punk que tú! blog …

Afortunadamente el punk ha permitido que gente de distintas formas de pensar converjan en la música y en la amistad. Monterrey me ha dejado grandes compis y uno de ellos es Diego, que desde la hoz y el martillo ofrece una propuesta HC política y sin nada  de medias tintas.

Te conocí en el tiempo de Rotten tocando Hardcore, rápido y poco thrashero, como fue qué llegaste a la escena punk?

Pinche gustazo el conocerte, verdá de dios, yo me juntaba con los de Fight Back, con ellos comencé a ir a las tocadas; primero a las de San Nicolás (municipio metropolitano cerca de Monterrey) que eran de las bandas de hardcore locales, eso fue a mediadios de los 90, en esa época me tocó a ir a unos Días de Colectividad y ahí conocer a las bandas de punk locales, después juntarnos con los de Plan 9 en las tocadas que ellos hacían que eran otras bandas de punk mas influenciadas por lo melódico y el punk de esos años de la Epitaph. Mi hermano Dani y yo comenzamos a escuchar bandas de punk ochentero de Finlandia como Kaaos y Rattus, lo mas rápido de Ratos de Porao, el crust de Disrupt, el thrash punk de D.R.I., S.O.D., M.O.D. y todas las bandas con siglas, también el thrashcore de What Happen Next?  y fue cuando hicimos Rotten con la idea de mezclar ese tipo de géneros y nos salió un mugrero.

Personalmente Brigada Roja me gustaba mucho, ¿cómo fue que esa banda surgió en una escena regia despolitizada?

Supongo que por mi terquedad, después de Rotten yo quería seguir tocando pero no encontraba con quien hasta que conocí a Mike y a Ángel quienes querían tocar punk y hardcore, pero en ese momento la mayoría de las bandas de hardcore regias estaban muy influidas por el metal o la actitud “thug guy”, algo que no queríamos hacer ninguno de los 3, la idea que teníamos era tocar rápido mas al estilo Minor Threat, Seven Seconds, H2O, pero también nos gusta mucho la onda vasca de Kortatu, La Polla y Eskorbuto, entonces por ahí le dimos.  La cuestión política fue porque en ese momento los 3 andábamos de dizque comunistas y fue algo que discutimos previamente, no queríamos hablar de los temas habituales de ese momento entre las bandas regias que se limitaban a cantar sobre la amistad o enemistad y demás tópicos clichés, entonces decidimos hacer algo mas político, Mike fue el responsable del 90% de las letras y tal vez yo solo hice 1 o 2 canciones. En ese momento, tocar ese estilo de música con letras hablando sobre política, nos “cerró” algunas “puertas” pero nos abrió otras donde si eramos bienvenidos.

Cuéntanos de tu actual banda y ese primer vinilo de Afterboltxebike.

Hay dos cosas que yo no puedo dejar de hacer: la primera es dejar de tocar y la segunda dejar mi trabajo político, sin esos dos elementos (y sin mi familia) mi vida no tendría sentido. Para mi el punk es intrínsecamente político, entonces ahí puedo cubrir dos partes importantes de mi vida. Y  los buenos lectores podrán preguntarse ¿a que viene esta perorata? Pues es por mi terquedad de querer seguir tocando, ante todos los pinches problemas con el grupo, que seguimos tocando con Afterboltxebike. Mas o menos fue lo mismo que con Brigada, seguir la linea política anticapitalista y antifascista, algo que sigue sin caer o gustar en Monterrey. Las primeras canciones las hicimos mas punk del estilo Kortatu y Núcleo Terco pero también con unos toques al estilo Negative Approach y Minor Threat, hicimos 7 canciones mas un cover de Ópcio K-95 y sacamos un casete con la ayuda de nuestro amigo Randy de Rebel Time Records. Ahora estamos en proceso de sacar un 7 pulgadas con 2 canciones nuevas y nuestra versión de Odio a la policía de las Vergas, nos están apoyando de nuevo el camarada Randy y Dure Réalité de Canada y con Victor Le Chinoise de Discos Machete de la CDMX. Creo que el 7 suena mas hardcore punk que las otras canciones. Y la idea de Afterboltxebike es hacer propaganda en forma de música.

Hace algunos años me enteré se comenzaba una  organización antifascista en monterrey,  ¿cómo les fue con eso?

Pues yo creo que les fue mal, varios compas andaban ahí, pero les falto mucho trabajo, varios de los que iniciaron eso no estaban ni comprometidos y lo hacían por otros motivos ajenos a la cuestión política. Yo no me quise involucrar porque militaba en otra organización comunista, los apoyé en varias actividades, pero a varios de ellos les falto mucho compromiso y seriedad. No podría comentar mas sobre el tema porque no participaba ahí.

¿La música es sólo música?  Se puede terminar  rockeando con una banda que al final tiene letras racistas, homofóbicas o antifeministas con el pretexto de que tocan bien chido.

Si y no, cada quien debe decidir si “La música es sólo música”, las bandas que yo he escuchado que son racistas o fachas sinceramente están bien gachas, suenan feo, la voz chillona del Ian Stuart es mas fea que mi voz (y la mía es horrible). No le encuentro sentido a escuchar bandas que te denigran como ser humano, me parece muy pendejo escuchar una banda que diga, por poner un ejemplo, que esta en contra de los inmigrantes y que sean nacionalistas, pues uno ya sabe que son racistas, y luego andan pagando por verlos. No tiene ni sentido que esas bandas nazionalistas vayan a los países de donde salen esos inmigrantes que tanto odian. Existiendo tantas bandas que no son ni racistas, ni machistas, ni nacionalistas ¿qué pinche necesidad tiene la gente de escuchar bandas nazis?

Luego están quienes se hacen pendejos y van y tocan con las personas que sabemos tienen gustos “raritos” por las ideas racistas o nazis y no dicen nada, y lo peor es cuando esas bandas se dicen antifas o anarquistas o comunistas pero por tocar van con los fachillos a sus tocadas, hay varios así en Mty.

Tu orientación política te ha impedido relacionarte con la escena Punk en México?  O pregunto de otra forma, a la escena punk le ha costado relacionarse contigo por tu orientación política (¡No, Diego no es facho!)?

De mi parte no, de las otras personas pues creo que tampoco, por lo menos no que yo me haya dado cuenta.

Algunas veces he pensado que la escena está inundada de drogas y alcohol, esto lo veo más precisamente en CDMX y EDOMEX. No es por un carácter moralista, a mí me encanta la cerveza, pero a veces pareciera que no te puedes divertir si no estás borracho o drogado. ¿Qué opinas de esto?

Yo sigo sin entender esa banda que se cree muy antisistema o muy rebelde por andar bien ebria o drogada. Creo que para emborracharse y drogarse no tienen ni que salir de su casa, dejen que las personas se diviertan en las tocadas. Quienes escuchamos punk y sus variantes no estamos exentos de recibir la información del resto de la sociedad, las ideas, que para mi son reaccionarias, del alcohol y las drogas permean de manera muy fuerte en la microsociedad que le llamamos escena.


Old school o new school. No school.
Straight edge o sociopolítico. Para mi es lo mismo.
Oi! o punk. Suenan igual.
Agua natural o refrescos (sodas). Agua.
Carne asada o piza. Ajua, carne asada.
Bandanas o gorras. Bandana, pero cualquiera de las dos me hace ver mal.

Shorts (bermudas) o pantalón. Chores

 Por qué crees que ahora que esta Morena en la presidencia mucha gente en México lo ve  como un Mesías.  ¿Estamos  necesitados  de un icono  que nos proteja, seremos infantes perpetuos?

Al parecer no hemos pasado la etapa del caudillismo, también porque el Peje tiene como 15 años o mas en campaña electoral, la gente esta tan cansada del PRI y del PAN que votaron por cualquier cosa que no tuviera los logos del PRI y el PAN, pero pues votaron por pura gente formada política y culturalmente en el PRI y en el PAN. También hay que sumarle que la izquierda anticapitalista no ha podido presentar una opción para la mayoría de la población. Lo que necesitamos es una organización política seria, comprometida, que haga trabajo de base, que no se quede en las tocadas, que salga a la calle, que este codo a codo con el pueblo, ahí si, nos falta madurar en esos aspectos.

¿Por qué en Nuevo León revivieron esa onda de la república de rio grande y porque con el tránsito de inmigrantes en busca del sueño americano salió lo peor de la gente de Monterrey y su área metropolitana (ésta área en específico, ya que no tengo entre mis contactos gente de otros municipios)?

Creencias de gente pendeja. Los pendejitos que traen sus chingaderas de la República de no se que mierda son los mismos que piensan que Porfirio Díaz fue un buen presidente y que enaltecen a Maximiliano de Habsburgo, son fachos de closet.

Sobre lo de la inmigración, la sociedad regia es muy ignorante pero no es culpa del pueblo, es culpa del gobierno, de los ricos y de los medios masivos de comunicación (básicamente es culpa de la superestructura burguesa del capitalismo regio). Durante décadas les han metido en la mente ideas racistas y reaccionarias.

Una de mis canciones favoritas de brigada Roja decía: ¡porque no nacimos en el mismo lugar, por no somos de la misma clase social! Y siempre me remitió a pensar en los privilegios y que realmente nos ayudaría a entender un chingo de cosas. Podrías  explicar más  de esto, si es que estamos en la misma postura.

La letra de la canción habla sobre las diferencias de clases sociales y sobre las constantes criticas que recibimos quienes pensamos que podemos construir un mundo mejor, un mundo distinto en el que hoy sobrevivimos y sufrimos. La frase a la que haces referencia quiere dejar en claro esa parte, hay quienes tienen mas privilegios que otros, aun asi, las personas con mas privilegios pueden tener empatía con las personas que son de la clase proletaria, lo malo es cuando los proletarios sueñan con querer ser ricos, o sea, sueñan con explotar a otras personas, que es la fantasía que nos venden los capitalistas.

Desde hace unos años hemos visto que viejas bandas regresaron a tocar, ¿a quien te  gustaría ver en vivo y porque?

Quisiera ver a Minor Threat o a Kortatu en vivo, pero dudo que vayan a volver a tocar. Esas son dos de las bandas de las que mas he aprendido, que, creo yo, interpretaron el punk de la manera mas correcta siendo consecuentes entre lo que decían y lo que hacían, algo que es muy difícil y que a la mayoría de las bandas poco o nada les interesa. Para mi ahí radica una gran diferencia entre solo escribir canciones y entre escribir lo que vives y haces.

Cuando tendríamos en México el 7” y ¿que podemos esperar  en cuestión de música?

Buena pregunta que no sabría como responder, pero tengo muy buenas excusas. Como desde hace un año vivo exiliado por cuestiones que no vamos a discutir aquí pero cualquiera puede imaginarse, el proceso del 7’ ha sido muy difícil; queríamos meter 3 canciones nuevas originales pero no teníamos ni un miserable riff hecho, así que en diciembre del 2019 fui a Monterrey 1 semana y ahí tuvimos que hacer las canciones desde cero, pero por falta de tiempo y creatividad solo pudimos hacer 2 canciones y una intepretación propia de un cover de las Vergas, en esa semana solo grabamos las bases y las voces porque tenia que regresarme al exilio. Después Hugo y Marcos tuvieron que grabar sus partes, editar, etc… y pues que llega el inesperado Covid-19, alias el coronavirus, que ha entorpecido mas el proceso, y para rematar, al parecer, la fábrica de discos había detenido sus operaciones, algo que no sabemos exactamente.

La música suena mas hardcore punk, con partes mas rápidas, las letras son parte del concepto del disco que llamamos Agitación Marxista y sobre aviso no hay engaño, las letras hablan exactamente de eso.

Yo pensaba que no íbamos a vender ni un casete del álbum anterior por la estética del diseño, por las letras de la banda, que aparte están en español y por cuestión de distribución lo están vendiendo en Canadá y Estados Unidos, pero se ha movido muy bien, así que en el 7’ traducimos las letras al ingles y al francés y esperamos se mueva igual de bien que el casete.

Es momento de despedirnos. Danos algunas palabras finales.

Gracias por apoyarnos, invito a las personas que quieran hacer un cambio en su entorno, en su realidad, a salirse de su confort, ir a las calles, a las fabricas, estar codo a codo con la clase trabajadora. Si quieren defender el anarquismo o el comunismo, que lo hagan con convicción, no solo en las tocadas sino afuera con el resto de las personas. Les dejo una frase del comunista italiano Antonio Gramsci, que fue preso por la dictadura fascista hasta su muerte: “Instrúyanse, porque necesitaremos de toda nuestra inteligencia; conmuévanse, porque necesitaremos todo nuestro entusiasmo; organícense, porque necesitaremos de toda nuestra fuerza”

Afterboltxebike – Working Class Revolution / Marxist Agitation

Afterboltxebike: anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, agit-prop punk from Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

“Marxist Agitation” is the name of their latest release, a three song EP of anti-capitalist, class-struggle, combat-core. It’s out on Discos Machete, Dure Realite, Incendiario and Rebel Time Records bandcamp pages.

“Marxist Agitation” is available as a free / pay what you can download at both the Discos Machete and Rebel Time Records bandcamp pages.

Here’s the three tracks from the EP, set to footage from the film  “The Battle of Chile,” a documentary film directed by Patricio Guzman. The film was released, in three parts: The Insurrection of the Bourgeoisie (1975), The Coup d’état (1976), Popular Power (1979).

About the film:

“Filmed in the months preceding the September 11 coup, it combines hundreds of on-the-street interviews with intimate footage from Chile’s political battlefields — street demonstrations, judicial proceedings, workers’ assemblies inside occupied factories, even fascist rallies where battalions of shock-troops strut in formation down public streets.

Guzmán’s documentary offers a rare glimpse at a revolutionary process in its most heightened period of crisis — dispossessed elites conspire to lay siege to the economy from within, emboldened workers seize factories and demand arms, and, throughout it all, the specter of a dissident military threatens the survival of one of history’s most promising socialist movements. It’s a harrowing story.

But the film’s greatest strength may be its portrayal of Chilean workers. In nearly every scene, workers show themselves to be a powerful and transformative force — the people who make history rather than the people to whom history happens. In The Battle for Chile, we witness ordinary people at their best, using the organizational resources at their disposal to collectively make sense of a disorienting and high-stakes reality — and ultimately confronting both business and state elites in an effort to establish a radically new kind of society.”

Track One: Manifiesto


Durante siglos hemos sido explotados
Somos los pobres, somos los proletarios
Nuestra existencia es producto
Del sistema capitalista
Con nuestras manos construimos la riqueza
Que se la apropian los dueños de las empresas
A nosotros solos nos dejan
Las migajas que nos quieren dar

Una clase, solo una trinchera
Revolucion de la clase obrera

Ahora estamos desorganizados
Sin unidad o en sindicatos blancos
Es hora de abrir los ojos
Y tomar los medios de producción
Organizados en una sola clase
Sin religiones ni miedo a sus dioses
Codo a codo los trabajadores
Construiremos un mundo mejor


Nous avons été exploités pendant des siècles
Nous sommes pauvres et prolétaires
Notre existence est le produit
Du système capitaliste
Nous construisons la richesse avec nos mains
Les propriétaires des entreprises nous la volent
Ils ne nous laissent que les miettes
qu’ils veulent bien nous donner

Une classe, une seule tranchée
Révolution de la classe ouvrière

Aujourd’hui nous sommes désorganisés
Sans unité ou dans des syndicats soc-dem
Il est temps s’ouvrir les yeux
Et de prendre les moyens de production
Organisés en une seule classe
Sans religions, ni peur de leurs dieux
Coudes serrés, les travailleurs
Nous construirons un monde meilleur


We’ve been exploited for centuries
We are the poor and the proletariat
Our existence is a product
Of the capitalist system
We build wealth with our hands
While the business owners steal it
Leaving us only crumbs that they are happy to give us

One class, one trench
Working class revolution

We’re not organized today
Without unity or in social democratic unions
It is time that we open our eyes
And seize the means of production
Organized into a single class
Without religion, without fear of their gods
Arm in arm, workers
We will build a better world

Track Two: Consciencia De Clase


Encerrado en una fabrica
Trabajando sin descanso
Produciendo las ganancias
Para enriquecer al patron


Diez horas en una cocina
Perdiendo toda mi vida
Laborando por un salario
Para poder sobrevivir


Enfermé dans une usine
Travaillant sans répit
Produisant des bénéfices
Pour enrichir le patron


Dix heures dans une cuisine
Je perds toute ma vie
Je travaille pour un salaire
Pour pouvoir survivre


Locked in a factory
Working tirelessly
Making money
To enrich the boss


Ten hours in a kitchen
I lose my entire life
Working for a wage
Just to survive

Track Three – A.C.A.B. ( cover of Hate The Police by The Dicks )


Mami, mami, mami
Mira a tu hijo
Debías haberme amado
porque ahora estoy armado
ya me uní a la Fuerza Civil

Papi, papi, papi
orgulloso de tu hijo
conseguí un buen trabajo ,
matando obreros e indios
ahora soy de la Guardia Nacional
ahora soy de la Guardia Nacional

Odia a la policía
Es el brazo de represión
De la burguesía
También odiamos a la Guardia Nazional
También odiamos al ICE
Odiamos al ICE

Donald, Donald
Mira a tus hijos
Arrestando y separando
Familias de sus hijos
Todo por ser ilegal
Todo por ser ilegal
Por ser ilegal


Maman, maman, maman
Regarde ton fils
Tu aurais du m’aimer
Maintenant je suis armé
Et j’ai rejoint la Force Civile

Papa, papa, papa,
Fier de ton fils
J’ai trouvé un bon boulot
Pour tuer des ouvriers et des indiens
Maintenant je suis de la Garde Nationale
Maintenant je suis de la Garde Nationale

Déteste la police
Le bras de la répression
De la bourgeoisie
Nous détestons aussi la Garde Nationale
Nous détestons aussi l’ICE
Nous détestons l’ICE

Donald, Donald
Regarde tes enfants
Qui arrêtent et séparent
Des familles de leurs enfants
Juste parce qu’ils sont illégaux
Juste parce qu’ils sont illégaux
Parce qu’ils sont illégaux


Mommy, mommy, mommy
Look at your son
You might have loved
But now I’ve got a gun
And now I’ve become a cop

Daddy, daddy, daddy,
Proud of your son
He got him a good job
Killing workers and indians
Now I’ve joined the National Guard
Now I’ve joined the National Guard

Hate the police
The repressive arm
Of the bourgeoisie
We also hate the National Guard
We also hate ICE
We hate ICE

Donald, Donald.
Look at your kids
That arrest and separate
Families and their kids
Just because they’re illegal
Just because they’re illegal
Because they are illegal

Spanner – Black Lives Matter / Anti-Fascist Street Defence Fundraiser


Taking our cue from / following the lead of / working in tandem and solidarity with the Spanner crew,  Rebel Time Records will be ensuring that proceeds from any Spanner downloads for at least the next three months will go “towards direct support and solidarity for all comrades arrested on BLM demos and anti-fascist street defence.”

From the desk of Spanner:

“All strength and solidarity to the Black Lives Matter movement.
Respect to all fighting to destroy white supremacy and racism

For the next three months all proceeds from our record, CD and T shirt sales will go towards direct support and solidarity for all comrades arrested on BLM demos and antifascist street defence.

Spread the word. Stand together. See you on the streets.”

We’ve got three Spanner releases that are currently free / pay-what-you can (two full albums and one split EP with Action Sedition):

It should be noted that the Spanner Bandcamp Page has a bunch of releases not available on the Rebel Time Records Bandcamp page, so you’ll want to head on over there as well!

All about Spanner:

“Spanner has been mixing politics and pleasure since around 2000, and we aim to still be at it when it’s time for dancing on the ruins of the empire. We’re taking bookings for the after party now! Our sound is a small contribution to the soundtrack to revolution and we hope to inspire both much dancing and more direct action. We play militant, ska’d up punk that’s not just for entertaining “alternative” consumers or being part of the illusion of rebellion. Punk for us has to be more than noise and more than a hairdo. We want punk and punks to be part of a community in opposition and resistance to this murderous system which leaves everything it touches damaged or dead. We know that with our creativity and determination we can make a new world, and punk is about doing it now! We’d also very much like our music to strike fear into the hearts of capitalists, cops, bosses and politicians everywhere… if only they could hear the words!

We love meeting DIY bands, gig collectives, subverters, squatters, rebels, resisters, renegades, revolutionaries and fellow trouble makers from all over. It reminds us that we are everywhere!!! We are always looking for gigs and festivals to play, so get in touch if you think you could do with a Spanner in the mix.”

Union Thugs – Folklore Ouvrier

“the people are on the march and must have songs to sing” (Pete Seeger)

… absolutely overjoyed to have Union Thugs added to the “left wing mob” that comprises the Rebel Time Records line-up / family …

Based in Montreal, and made up of members of punk/oi bands like Action Sedition, Riot Porn and Mayday, this six-piece combo plays amped-up, accordian-fueled revolutionary folk-oi. As they put it, they’re here to “rock folk songs and folk rock songs in order to present a revival of classic popular and working class songs, with an original flavour.”

Union Thugs concentrate on covers of working class anthems and the album is a musical journey through the pages of the revolutionary songbook. You get fighting songs / songs of solidarity and struggle, by the likes of Anne Feeney, Jaques Brunet, Leonard Cohen, The Almanac Singers (with Pete Seeger and Woody Guthrie) and Molodoi.

Band members are active in organizations like the I.W.W. (International Workers of the World), COBP (Committee Opposed to Police Brutality) and RASH (Red And Anarchist Skinheads). and they’ve played countless benefit shows for anti-fascist, anti-colonial, community organizing and student movement causes. More often than not, you’ll find the band on the picket lines and the front lines, firing up the workers!

Folklore Ouvrier / Worker’s Folklore is an exercise in international solidarity and mutual aid, with the album being released via Discos Machete (Mexico), Dure Realite (Quebec), Fire and Flames Music (Germany), Kale Borroka Records (Basque Country), Rudy’s Back (France) and Rebel Time Records (Canada).

Comes with a big zine too!!

Of this release, the band says:

“A second release for the Thugs! This time, 6 songs including War on the Workers, Les piqueteuses de la gloire, Partisan, Union Maid, La complainte des ouvriers and The Preamble of SITT-IWW with banjo accompaniment.

This worker’s folklore album is part of our continued effort to develop a revolutionary working culture. Though modern popular songs have been omitted from our selection this time in favour of certain classics like Union Maid and Partisan, you will still find yourself in this mix of folk and punk-rock ready to wake up the striker in you!

This short album we dedicate to strikers and those locked out, grassroots activists, militants and delegates, professional shit-disturbers, and to everyone for whom taking it laying down has never been an option! ”


Of their mission, the band says:

“Hello Everybody! We are the Union Thugs, A Labor Folk band based in Montreal. Let’s get this out of the way, we are not musicians, but workers that play music. We travel far and wide looking for people like us, who are part of the working class and are pissed off!

Pissed off to always see the same fat cats getting all the wealth while our conditions stall or get set back. Pissed off to witness condos upon condos being constructed in the city while people still sleep in the streets. Pissed off to see that when we rise up, we’re getting stomped on by back to work legislation, the police and their batons.

Friends we come to you with a message. We are fed up and we want change! We don’t think that this change will come from ballots. Ignoring the problem and participating obediently and quietly will do us any good.

We think it’s through organizing our workplaces, our neighborhoods to take back control. To produce by the community for the community, without bosses to steal the fruits of our labor.

For this to work, we have to stop being afraid of differences, namely : religion, sexual orientation, skin color, gender, native language, among others. No, we have to realise the truth! The true enemies are the bosses that exploit our labor, landlords that harvest our rents every month, bankers that put us in debt and shareholders that throw workers out on the streets by voting to close a plant at the last board of directors meeting, It’s also politicians that introduce themselves as heroes of the people, but once they are in office they’ll cater to capital’s needs.

It’s high time we trust ourselves and we clean this mess up, It’s time for the revolution! If we organize properly, we’ll just have to cross our arms so every single person stops working to see that old world crumble like a sand castle, we’ll clean up the rubble after.”

The Punk Site had this to say about the new release:

“Montreal’s Union Thugs are a six-piece combo that are on a musical journey through the pages of the revolutionary songbook, one that on their latest release includes Anne Feeney, Jaques Brunet, Leonard Cohen, The Almanac Singers and Molodoi, that is delivered in seven songs of accordion fuelled revolutionary folk punk and oi. Union Thugs are active in organizations like the I. W.W., C.O.P.B and R.A.S.H and, more often than not, you’ll find them on the picket lines and the front lines firing up the workers. Union Thugs have now issued their second release, and their debut EP, “Folklore Ouvrier”“, via an international coalition of like minded labels scattered across North America and Europe. The “Folklore Ouvrier” EP is delivered in both French and English, whilst I only possess a tenuous grasp of the French language the message from Union Thugs comes through loud and clear, from the opening chords of ‘Intro‘ to the final notes of ‘Preamble To The I.W.W. Constitution’, a track that lays out a revolutionary manifesto.

Whilst there is a distinctly vintage feel about this EP, mainly because all but one of the songs on “Folklore Ouvrier” is an interpretation of vintage protest songs, there’s an appeal for this EP for any fan of blue collar pro-union rabble rousing punk rock from Dropkick Murphys through to Mischief Brew and Gogol Bordello, with my personal highlight being their interpretation of Anne Feeney'[s 1969 protest song ‘War On The Worker‘. This is an EP that isn’t just words, Union Thugs clearly back up their soundtrack with action and the final verse in ‘Preamble To The IWW Constitution‘ is a sentiment that is echoed within the seven tracks of “Folklore Ouvrier“. “It is the historic mission of the working class to do away with capitalism. The army of production must be organised, not only for everyday struggle with capitalists, but also to carry on production when capitalism shall have been overthrown. By organising industrially we are forming the structure of the new society within the shell of the old”.

“Folklore Ouvrier” is now available for streaming and as a ‘name your price’ download via Discos Machete (Mexico), Dure Realite (Quebec), Fire And Flames Music (Germany), Kale Borroka Records (Basque Country), Rudy’s Back (France), Rebel Time Records (Canada) and Union Thugs‘ Bandcamp.”

And Spring Magazine also weighed in, at length, on the album:

“Union Thugs are a Montreal-based six-piece that play a mixture of folk and oi in the spirit of working class and revolutionary anthems. Their latest release, Folklore ouvrier (Worker’s Folklore), presents six of these anthems with a companion zine which details the history and meaning behind the songs and their importance. You can find info on Union Thugs on their Facebook, Bandcamp, and Instagram.

“This short album we dedicate to strikers and those locked out, grassroots activists, militants and delegates, professional shit-disturbers, and to everyone for whom taking it laying down has never been an option!” Folklore ouvrier is Union Thugs’ second release and first EP. The band makes it clear in their introductory track, “[W]e are not musicians, but workers that play music.”

The band sees their music as a tool for organization and the mobilization of political action. All members are active members of groups such as I.W.W. (International Workers of the World), COBP (Committee Opposed to Police Brutality), and RASH (Red And Anarchist Skinheads). To further this message, the EP is delivered with a companion zine, as well as info about anti-fascist movements today and calls to action. The tracks cover work from Anne Feeney, Woody Guthrie, and more. Union Thugs are leading the way in showing that music can not only be a tool for change, but one of revolutionary change and working class solidarity.

I was immediately blown away by the passion and energy that covers this EP from start to finish. Ouvrier is simply drenched in working class power and anti-capitalist spirit. While I wasn’t familiar with all of the songs presented, each one was performed with an infectious energy, and the bilingual zine helped give insight and context into those written for specific struggles.

Music to action
I think it is sadly too common for bands, and certainly punk bands, to make leftist platitudes of political and social change without backing it up with action. The band is active with anti-fascist and pro-worker activities and heavily promote the struggles they are involved in, and those around the world. It’s clear that Union Thugs see the need for cultural expression that represents the ideas of the proletarian, and not the ruling class. By creating art that is not just for, but by and relating to workers, we are able to actually share and communicate radical ideas while also creating platforms for organization.

As mentioned before, the album’s opener, “Intro,” is probably the most pump-in inducing song I’ve ever heard. Like a youth crew singer getting ready for gang vocals, you can’t help but start pacing around the room and throwing your fists out. It also gives the band a chance to lay the cards out on the table: they’re here, ready for a fight, and ready to unite. “We are fed up and we want change! We don’t think that this change will come from ballots. Ignoring the problem and participating obediently and quietly will not do us any good. We think it’s through organizing our workplaces, our neighbourhoods to take back control. To produce by the community for the community, without bosses to steal the fruits of our labor.” They then turn to the need for international and intersectional solidarity and really get listeners engaged to not only hear what they have to present on the album, but take action afterwards.

The rest of the album is a great lesson in historical struggles, with the zine filling in the gaps and relating their relevance today. Part of what makes this album so great is learning the history of these powerful anthems and getting them stuck in your head for days. “War on the Workers,” is an earworm that gets any picket line shimmying. The track, by activist and composer Anne Feeney, is dedicated to Jim Beals and Karen Silkwood. Beals was killed on the job and Silkwood died trying to expose toxic working conditions. Today, workers are being forced to bear the brunt of the Covid-19 crisis, dealing with increasingly unsafe workplaces and being stripped of their pandemic pay, often in minimum wage positions.

Union Maid
Another highlight is their version of “Union Maid.” While the first few tracks on the album place the musical emphasis on the group’s oi sound, “Union Maid,” goes deeper into the folk side of their repertoire. The zine gives the background to the song, something I was unfamiliar with. In 1940, The Almanac Singers (of which Guthrie was a member) were touring with Bob and Ina Wood, who ran a political bookstore in Oklahoma city where Bob was the secretary of the state’s communist party and Ina was an organizer. The group was performing a series of concerts in solidarity with striking hooverville workers. Ina spent time with Guthrie, criticizing him for putting communist women on the periphery of his songs. He took the message to heart, writing and performing the song while on the same tour.

Folklore ouvrier is working class music for the working class movement. It’s inspiring, catchy, radical, and most importantly, good. By delving deep into the revolutionary songbook and providing context for today, Union Thugs are providing a solid memory of class struggle while also proposing organization and solidarity for those fighting for change in the present. If you’re looking for some punk and folk that asks more of the listener than to simply agree with the lyrics, but one that provides you with the next steps, then Folklore ouvrier is the perfect release.”

“The Times Have Never Changed” – Review

Thanks to Lord Routledge at the Faster and Louder blog for the very kind, very nuanced review of “The Times Have Never Changed” … here it is, in both english and spanish:

“The Fallout’s new album could not be any more of a soundtrack to this moment. It’s packed full of fist-pumping punk rock anthems railing against injustice, inequality, and the systemic oppression of the people. It’s music in the grand tradition of late ’70s/early ’80s political punk rock and the protest folk that inspired it. This Toronto-based band has been active since 2004 and strives to write “songs of unity, inclusion, solidarity and struggle”. It’s inspiring now to see so many people finally waking up to injustice in the world and getting angry about it. The Fallout have been angry from the start, and they’re ready as always to take up the fight.

Out on Rebel Time Records and Discos Machete, The Times Have Never Changed opens with the premise that the protest music of the past promised change that has yet to be delivered. That’s not a cynical statement so much as it is a message that the struggle has yet to be won. Over the course of 15 tracks, it’s clear that The Fallout reserves all of its cynicism for institutions of power, which must be resisted and confronted if real change is to ever occur. So don’t let the album title fool you. These guys are true believers in the idea that songs can change the world – or at least that songs have the power to inspire the people who will change the world. If you can watch authority clash with dissent at this moment and honestly side with authority, this is clearly not the band or album for you. The Times Have Never Changed rages against everything from endless wars to partisan politics to institutionalized homophobia to organized religion to police brutality to the marginalization of sex workers. It’s full of urgency, passion, and absolute conviction. Sometimes the whole idea of “political punk” can turn people off because the music tends to be generic at best or an afterthought at worst. But The Fallout is a throwback to a time when protest punk was just as much about the tunes as it was about the message. These guys write catchy songs that are tailor made for you to shout along with. The music is powerful and aggressive but also fun to listen to. And that’s the way it ought to be. If a song is going to inspire people, it has to be inspiring. Songs like “Red Light Union” and “Raise Your Flag” will have you fired up to run through a brick wall for the cause! This is “street” punk in the truest sense of the term – music for the people that is relevant to what’s actually happening on our streets.

Certainly when this album was being prepared for release, the band and labels had no idea it would arrive on the eve of a mass protest movement of historic proportions. But the injustices and inequality that ignited this movement have persisted for generations. I used to assume that most people had the sense to know that racism is wrong and fascism is bad. But in this modern-day Bizarro World where anti-fascists are suddenly “terrorists”  and not wanting cops to murder people of color is a “divisive” position, it’s clear that nothing is obvious. We can’t take for granted that sanity will prevail or that progress is inevitable. We must resist and keep resisting. And we will listen to awesome music while we do it.”

El nuevo álbum de Fallout es la banda sonora de los momentos que estamos viviendo. Está repleto de himnos punk rock que critican la injusticia, la desigualdad y la opresión sistémica en contra de la gente. Es música que se sitúa en la gran tradición del punk rock político de finales de los 70 / principios de los 80 y en la canción de protesta que lo inspiró. Esta banda originaria de Toronto ha estado activa desde 2004 y se esfuerza por escribir “canciones de unidad, inclusión, solidaridad y lucha”. Es inspirador ver a tanta gente que por fin está despertando frente a la injusticia en el mundo y que está enojada por eso. The Fallout han estado enojados desde el principio, y están listos como siempre para comenzar la pelea.

Producido por Rebel Time Records y Discos Machete, The Times Have Never Changed parte de la premisa que la música de protesta del pasado prometió un cambio que aún no se ha entregado. Esa no es una declaración cínica, sino un mensaje de que la lucha debe continuar. Al escuchar las 15 rolas, está claro que The Fallout reserva todo su cinismo para las instituciones de poder, a las que hay que resistir y confrontar para conocer un cambio real. Así que no dejes que el título del álbum te engañe. Estos tipos son verdaderos creyentes en la idea de que las canciones pueden cambiar el mundo, o al menos que esas canciones tienen el poder de inspirar a las personas que cambiarán el mundo. Si en estos momentos de tensión entre la autoridad y la disidencia estás del lado de la autoridad, esta banda no es para ti.

The Times Have Never Changed explota contra todo, desde guerras interminables hasta políticas partidistas, desde la homofobia institucionalizada hasta la religión organizada, desde la brutalidad policial hasta la marginación de las trabajadoras sexuales. Es un disco lleno de urgencia, de pasión y de absoluta convicción. A veces, la idea de un “punk político” puede enfriar a la gente. Pero The Fallout es un regreso a una época en la que el punk de protesta tenía que ver tanto con las melodías como con el mensaje. Estos chicos escriben canciones pegadizas hechas a medida para que grites junto con ellas. La música es poderosa y agresiva, pero también divertida de escuchar. Y así es como debe ser. Si una canción va a inspirar a la gente, tiene que ser inspiradora. ¡Canciones como “Red Light Union” y “Raise Your Flag” te harán enloquecer para atravesar una pared de ladrillos por la causa! Este es el punk “callejero” en el verdadero sentido del término: música para las personas que es relevante para lo que realmente está sucediendo en nuestras calles.

Seguramente, cuando se estaba preparando este álbum, la banda y los sellos no tenían idea de que estallaría un movimiento de protesta masiva de proporciones históricas. Pero las injusticias y la desigualdad que encendieron este movimiento han persistido por generaciones. Solía suponer que la mayoría de la gente sabía que el racismo y el fascismo está mal. Pero en este bizarro mundo moderno donde los antifascistas de repente son “terroristas” y donde puedes no odiar policías por asesinar a personas de color está claro que nada es obvio. No podemos dar por sentado que la cordura prevalecerá o que el progreso es inevitable. Debemos resistir y seguir resistiendo. Y escucharemos música increíble mientras lo hacemos.

Afterboltxebike – Marxist Agitiation EP

… out now  on almost all digital platforms, 7″ vinyl coming sooner than later …

Afterboltxebike : punk agitprop, anticapitalista, antifascista, antirracista de Nuevo León, México. 3 rolas de combat-core anticapitalista para la lucha de clases. Cantos sediciosos y gritos de unidad revolucionaria traídos por Discos Machete, Dure Réalité, Incendiario y Rebel Time Records.

Afterboltxebike: anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, agitprop punk from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Three tracks of anti-capitalist, class-struggle combat-core. Seditious songs / revolutionary rallying cries. Brought to you by Discos Machete, Dure Realite, Incendiario and Rebel Time Records

Afterboltxebike: punk agitprop, anticapitaliste, antifasciste, antiraciste de l’état de Nuevo León au Mexique. 3 morceaux de combat-core anticapitaliste pour la lutte de clases. Chansons séditieuses et cris révolutionnaires offerts par Discos Machete, Dure Réalité, Incendiario et Rebel Time Records

Review ( in German and English ) from Underdog Fanzine:

Afterboltxebike sind eine Hardcore-Punkband aus San Nicolás de los Garza, Mexiko, die 2015 mit der Absicht gegründet wurde, kommunistische/marxistische Inhalte in einem rauen Sound zu betten. Der Bandname stammt von einem Lied der baskischen Punkband Kortatu (die ein explosives Gemisch aus Ska- und Punkelemente gebraut haben) und wird After Bolsheviks gesprochen. Sie vermitteln ihre Botschaft aber nicht nur über Musik, Marcos, Hugo und Diego beteiligen sich auch an verschiedenen politischen Initiativen.

Working Class und Hass auf die Polizei in simplen melodischen Strukturen, die knallen wie ein Molotow-Cocktail. Rau. Laut und schroffe Riffs, heiser-krakeelige Vocals und fertig ist die musikalische Version für eine visionäre bessere Welt, in der es nur eine Klasse, eine Einheit gibt, ohne Religion, Arm in Arm mit den workers of today!

3 Songs, die mit dunklen Klangfarben Eindruck schinden und in einem Sound ertönen, der geeignet ist für den Marsch der Working class revolution.

Afterboltxebike are a hardcore punk band from San Nicolás de los Garza, Mexico, which was founded in 2015 with the intention of embedding communist / Marxist content in a raw sound. The band’s name comes from a song by the Basque punk band Kortatu (who brewed an explosive mixture of ska and punk elements) and is spoken after After Bolsheviks. They convey their message not only through music, Marcos, Hugo and Diego also participate in various political initiatives.

Working class and hatred of the police in simple melodic structures that pop like a Molotov cocktail. Rough. Loud and rugged riffs, hoarse-crackled vocals and the musical version is ready for a visionary better world in which there is only one class, one unit, without religion, arm in arm with the workers of today!

3 songs that make an impression with dark timbres and sound in a sound that is suitable for the march of the working class revolution.