Born Wrong / Kleins96

10″ Vinyl


From Profane Existence:

“What we have here are two hardcore bands from Canada, BORN WRONG on Rebel Time Records from my hometown of Hamilton, Ontario with their debut on vinyl and KLEINS96 from Regina, Saskatchewan on Harvest King Records. Both bands are politically motivated and really pissed off at a lot of thing like religion, war and people’s apathy about things going on in the world today, all cool things to be pissed off about. They both have a tight sound with very little in the way of metal type sounds and some good breakdowns, perfect for having a slam or three. Great screamed vocals that you are able to understand, which is not always possible with modern hardcore, but they do have a bit of an old school feel at times. The production is pretty good, tight enough to fit all the rage in without losing control of the proceedings and clear enough to hear all the different sounds coming at you, but never to pretty to take away the toughness of the bands. I enjoyed both bands quite a bit and would love to hear more from both of them, they seem like they would both put on good shows with a lot of intensity and excitement. The lyrics are on the bandcamp site and it would be a good thing to take a look at them because they are quite good and heartfelt.” (Profane Existence)

From Schizo Fanzine:

“It’s not often I got music from canadian bands. But this split contains two canadian bands with 4 tracks each. Born Wrong are fucking angry and their harcore is filled by crust and trash vibes. The vocals also get me thinking of NYHC. The political lyrics are just as angry as the music. If you like From ashes rise and Wolfbrigade will you like Born Wrong for sure. I din’t know it was possible to be from Canada and be so fucking angry. Kleins96 is a bit more melodic than Born Wrong, but still very angry. They remind a bit of 59 Times the pain and 7 Seconds. This is a good split with two bands that do not sound the same but still orginate from good old hardcore. ” (Schizo Fanzine)

From Within Punkzine:

“Raging old-school hardcore from two of the most exciting bands in underground Canadian punk. Hamilton’s Born Wrong come out of the gates rough and angry on this, their debut release, giving a new voice to raw DIY punk. Kleins96 offer their most charged release to date, blending early hardcore with fast, thrashy somtimes-melodic punk rock with a sharp progressive edge.” (Within Punkzine)