Afterboltxebike – Marxist Agitation



“Three songs of NYHC-styled mayhem straight out of Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Two original Marxist anthems in solidarity with the working class and a reworking of the Dicks’ “Hate the Police,” aptly re-titled “ACAB,” with the lyrics reflecting on the horrors of Donald Trump’s fascist policies. The orange turd is thankfully out of office but the threat of fascism still looms large. Music too can be a weapon if you want it to be. Great stuff!” –Juan Espinosa


“Afterboltxebike sind eine Hardcore-Punkband aus San Nicolás de los Garza, Mexiko, die 2015 mit der Absicht gegründet wurde, kommunistische/marxistische Inhalte in einem rauen Sound zu betten.

Der Bandname stammt von einem Lied der baskischen Punkband Kortatu (die ein explosives Gemisch aus Ska- und Punkelemente gebraut haben) und wird After Bolsheviks gesprochen. Sie vermitteln ihre Botschaft aber nicht nur über Musik, Marcos, Hugo und Diego beteiligen sich auch an verschiedenen politischen Initiativen.

Working Class und Hass auf die Polizei in simplen melodischen Strukturen, die knallen wie ein Molotow-Cocktail. Rau. Laut und schroffe Riffs, heiser-krakeelige Vocals und fertig ist die musikalische Version für eine visionäre bessere Welt, in der es nur eine Klasse, eine Einheit gibt, ohne Religion, Arm in Arm mit den workers of today!

3 Songs, die mit dunklen Klangfarben Eindruck schinden und in einem Sound ertönen, der geeignet ist für den Marsch der Working class revolution.” (Underdog Zine)

“Afterboltxebike are a hardcore punk band from San Nicolás de los Garza, Mexico, which was founded in 2015 with the intention of embedding communist / Marxist content in a raw sound. The band’s name comes from a song by the Basque punk band Kortatu (who brewed an explosive mixture of ska and punk elements) and is spoken after After Bolsheviks. They convey their message not only through music, Marcos, Hugo and Diego also participate in various political initiatives.

Working class and hatred of the police in simple melodic structures that pop like a Molotov cocktail. Rough. Loud and rugged riffs, hoarse-crackled vocals and the musical version is ready for a visionary better world in which there is only one class, one unit, without religion, arm in arm with the workers of today!

3 songs that make an impression with dark timbres and sound in a sound that is suitable for the march of the working class revolution.”
( Underdog Zine)

“Afterboltxebike are back with a new EP of 3 tracks out on Discos Machete (the label from Brigada Flores Magon), Dure Realite, Incendiario, Rebel Time Records. The band formed in 2015 in San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The name of the band is coming from a song by Kortatu. This is a real working class/partisan punk rock with hc and oi influences, with a strong message anti capitalism, against police oppresion and human rights, equality and solidarity. The members of the band as well they are involved in a lot of social and political initiatives.

You can listen to them to the Rebel Time Records bandcamp and as well check their videos for Manifesto and ACAB (a really nice cover made in spanish after Hate The Police by The Dicks. Raise your fist and listen to them loud. The EP as well is available as name your price download on bandcamp. Salud y libertad!!!” ( mptyzine )

“As far as I can tell, these guys are from just outside Monterrey, Mexico, and borrow their name from a KORTATU song, with whom they also share themes of organized labor and class struggle. They play a classic burly Mexican hardcore punk style, like MASSACRE 68 or SEDICION beefed up with a more modern compressed digital production. “A.C.A.B” is a rendition of “Dicks Hate the Police,” updated to condemn ICE and the current loser US president (who will be fucking off soon), and while I’m obviously on board for the message, it sounds pretty bad! That being said, this EP emanates strong antifascist and revolutionary vibes and is absolutely worth raising a fist in solidarity with, and includes lyrical translations from Spanish to French and English.” (MRR)