Action Sedition / Spanner – History Lessons Split EP

7″ Vinyl

A co-release with our friends and comrades at Iron Column Records, Jobsworth Records, Maloka Records and Riot Ska Records.


From 3 Fleches zine:

“ACTION SEDITION are back again (after their first 8 song demo)! This 7″ record has two of their excellent songs which are in the vein of all French and Canadian redskins bands. The song “Histoire D’un Printemps” has an official video that you can see on Youtube. ACTION SEDITION sound much better than on their demo. All you antifas are going to want to hear more of this music! From Bristol comes SPANNER, with a militant ska punk sound. Two songs that remind me of that old UK anarchopunk sound, like ZOUNDS, SUBHUMANS, etc. I love this band and I wanna hear more music from these guys.” – 3 Fleches Zine

From Artcore zine:

“ACTION SEDITION up first with two tracks of heavy duty French Oi! Thick and heavy vocals that’d sit nicely halfway down side two of Chaos En France. Next is SPANNER from Bristol playing their crustie ska-punk with occasional CHUMBAWAMBA horns from a very anti-fascist perspective. You can just imagine undulating hordes of skank‘n’stank ‘punx’ in boggy fields jigging to this in their ripped waffle jumpers with arms stretched to their knees, heads down, dreads-a-whippin’.” Artcore Fanzine

From Maximum Rocknroll:

“While the vinyl release is a two-song split EP, the enclosed download card gets you an additional track from each band. From Montreal, Quebec, ACTION SEDITION works a bouncy, mid-tempo street punk style, with rough vocals, clean guitar leads and a sing-a-long chorus. This track is pretty average for the genre. Bristol, England’s SPANNER provide a catchy, ska-influenced tune, with a lighter guitar tone and mellow horns laid over the breaks. I liked this side much better – much of it is totally danceable – though the song is a little overlong.  Both bands have righteous lyrics, with translations into English or French as needed. ACTION SEDITION touches on the street action in response to Quebec’s increase in university tuition, while SPANNER promotes radical measures in the name of antifascism. You’ll know what you’re getting into from the cover art contrasting voting and rioting (JM)” Maximum Rocknroll