Cambridge – This Is Not A Victory



From Razorcake:

With melodic structures and galloping drums, this second full-length from a quartet out of Canada is full-throttle hardcore. Imagine Jawbreaker on crystal meth. Just listening to this will make you sweat. Attacking militarism, American greed and corruption, Cambridge’s sharp, articulate lyrics are rooted in traditional political punk. “Kubark” has a hint of early The Sounds Of Animals Fighting, while “Hole in the Ground” throws in a one of the best guitar solos I’ve heard in a while. Cathartic and inspiring, Cambridge delivers again. Recommended.” (Razor Cake, Kristen)

From Rebel Youth Magazine:

“Cambridge released their second full length album this summer on Rebel Time Records. The Vancouver bands new release, titled This is Not a Victory, contains ten tracks of fast-paced, melodic, and politically-charged punk rock. Known for their distinct and complex sound, Cambridge carries forward their own brand of fiery hardcore anthems in This is Not a Victory, while assaulting injustice at every turn. The albums lyrics deal with issues such as torture, war, democracy, corporate greed, and the environmental disaster that is the Albertan tar sands. Pretty heavy stuff. Yet, anyone who has seen Cambridge live can attest that they appear to have a hell of a lot of fun railing against such injustices and, hopefully, inspiring action through their chosen medium, and this comes across in their music. This is Not a Victory is a reminder that punk rock and resistance go together, and that the notion that all punk sounds the same is a fallacy which is ridiculous to the extreme. Favourite tracks: Kubark, Neverending Story, Middle of Nowhere.” – Rebel Youth Magazine

From MaximumRocknRoll:

“These chaps are Canadian. Which is not a bad start.They play a rough-and-ready mix of the more melodic end of hardcore, like a speeded up Jawbreaker, or a furious Hot Water Music, or a slightly more demonic Good Riddance. Save, instead of songs about angst and emo and whatnot, they’re suitably indignant about covert torture programs and coporate malfeasance. As one well might be. Don’t have to be Canadian to pen such gloriously melodic defiance, but apparently it helps. Apparently this is their second full-length. Good family men (wives and girlfriends are the first on the thanks list), which makes me want to check out their first (and hopefully third) record even more. Though, to be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the rather stupendous Rebel Time Records” – Maximumrocknroll #330 (RK)