Amenaza Mexicana



Nice comp tape that grabs twelve current Mexican bands from all over the sonic DIY spectrum for consumption and consideration. A few bursts from the more polished and melodic side (RUFFLES, SYNESTHESIA, HOLLYWOOD BABILONIA) some raw hardcore (AUTOMATAS, BRIGADA ROJA, MALARI), bouncy punk (TRABAJO SUCIO, FLORES Y FUEGO), plus tracks from AFTERBOLTXEBIKE, COOPERATIVA PASCUAL, FILERO, and a killer low-end HC slammer from ROMPE EL CONTROL. Excellent quality throughout, from bands that were mostly new to me—which is why well put together comps (still) rule. Cheers to Rebel Time for making this one happen. (Maximum Rocknroll)

A Mexican punk rock compilation with contributions from bands representing scenes from all over the country including Monterrey (Nuevo Leon), Mexico City Guadalajara (Jalisco) and others. Most of the bands opt for an oi/street punk style (Trabajo Sucio, Ruffies, Filero, Afterboltxebike) while bands like Syneththesia, Automatas and Malaria speed things up with some aggressive hardcore songs. Flores Y Fuego are the standout band with a melodic (but not too melodic) hardcore number and also one of the shorter songs on the compilation, clocking in at just under two minutes. Chaotic, short and to the point: just how punk should be. A good compilation if you’re interested in the rumblings of the flourishing Mexican underground punk scene of today. (Razorcake)