Urban Vietcong – “Storie Tra Bottiglie E Ciminiere.”

Urban Vietcong, out of Livorno, Italy, have been highly recommended by Rebel Time Records for some time now. Their first album “A Colpi Di Machete” hasn’t really left our turntable since it’s release in 2016 (we still have a few copies for sale). Quite simply, amazing left-radical punk/oi/core .

So, we’re really excited to be a part of their sophmore release”Storie Tra Bottiglie E Ciminiere.” It’s out in mid-October and Rebel Time Records along with Dure Realitie (out of Montreal) will be releasing a limited edition cassette version of the album. Vinyl and CD will be handled by Out Of Control, Fire and Flames and Rumagna Sgroza.

Here are a couple of tracks from the new album!

Quanti anni quella fabbrica ha divorato
Gioventù vola presto via
A lavoro sottopagato
Ogni giorno pura agonia
Gelida questa notte d’inverno
I demoni ti invitano all’inferno
Prendimi e portami via da qua
Finche il sole ci riabbraccerà

Han rubato il tuo futuro
Vorresti andar dritto contro il muro
Non farti ingabbiare resta ribelle
Esci dal fango punta alle stelle
È un cantico dei condannati
Sogni svaniti e cassa integrati
Ti ritrovi da solo in questa città
Bevi un altro whisky al pub

Domande rivolte alla stella polare, nessuna risposta giunge nel quartiere popolare
Dio di noi si è dimenticato, urla e bestemmia in catena l’operaio

Tra questi palazzi che cadono a pezzi
fucina di tossici e di reietti
È un giocar sempre con la sorte
Tra cicatrici e ossa rotte

Bruciano ancora quegli occhi insanguinati
Come i fratelli dei ghetti americani
A soledad il cuore mio non smette di battere
Pulsa piu forte e continua a combattere
Catene stringono polsi neri
Black power e sempre fieri
Siamo i dannati della terra
Affronteremo questa sporca guerra

La polizia continua a sparare
Pulizia etnica e razziale
Ricorda le pantere nere
Dai quartieri contro il capitale
La disperazione diventi rivoluzione
Lotta di classe senza alcun colore
Come un incendio boschivo
Brucia tutto sul suo cammino

Gettatemi pure all’inferno
Vi prometto odio eterno
Che questa terra sia maledetta
la nostra rabbia tempesta perfetta

Hold A Grudge – “No Compromise” Cassette

Here at Rebel Time Records it’s no secret that we’re all big fans of Hold A Grudge. Straight out of Montreal, Quebec, they are a perfect blend / perfect storm of punk, hardcore and oi.  Very happy to have had them play Rebel Fest a few years back!

As their bio says: “Hold A Grudge is a perfect mix of the anger of hardcore, street-punk’s spirit of revolt and the uncompromising attitude of Oi.”

The most recent line-up of Hold A Grudge is/was: Dan 86 on Guitar,  Jee-P  haggroupdoing up Vocals, Mat Oi on Bass and Scott on Drums. Let it be noted that these guys have played in/do play in such bands as Jeunesse Apatride, Subsistence, Shotcallers, Bastard 86, King Cans and Dynamite Express  …  seasoned veterans for sure!

Sadly, the band broke up in 2016. Happily, they did record some new material prior to their demise.  Rebel Time Records was stoked to, in conjunction with the fine folks at Dure Realitie in Montreal, release 11 of Hold A Grudge’s finest tracks on a limited-edition cassette!

There are a very few copies of the cassette still available via the Rebel Time Records bandcamp page

… straight to the point / straight to the point / straight to the point / fuck you fascists …

Cambridge – “This Is Not A Victory” – Free Download

Back in 2010, we released a corker of an album by Cambridge, a great political hardcore outfit from British Columbia. They have long since broken up and leader singer/guitarist Jesse LeBourdais has carved out quite a name for himself as a solo act. The album was “This Is Not A Victory” and we said of it:

Hailing from Vancouver, BC, CAMBRIDGE plays a brand of punk rock that is hard to encapsulate. Mixing politics, social maladjustment, and personal anger with speed, melody and hardcore ethics, they hold true to the DIY roots and styles of the past while pushing the envelope of originality. Their second full length release THIS IS NOT A VICTORY is 10 incendiary tracks, all at break-neck speeds, dealing with topics like torture, heartbreak, war, corporate greed, environmental catastrophe and other betrayed ideals. The passion in the lyrics resonates and the anger on the surface is matched by music that will have you banging your head, raising your fist and singing along. THIS IS NOT A VICTORY reminds you that punk rock doesn’t have to be resigned to simple songs, with simple messages, and that anger and music combined can be a unifying, positive experience.

In the spirit of ‘giving the people what they want,’ and due to overwhelming demand, the band has now made all their music, including “This Is Not A Victory” available for free download at their Bandcamp page or the Bandcamp page.

Don’t delay, download today!

CambridgeTINAVCoverWEB[1]“These chaps are Canadian. Which is not a bad start. They play a rough-and-ready mix of the more melodic end of hardcore, like a speeded up Jawbreaker, or a furious Hot Water Music, or a slightly more demonic Good Riddance. Save, instead of songs about angst and emo and whatnot, they’re suitably indignant about covert torture programs and coporate malfeasance. As one well might be. Don’t have to be Canadian to pen such gloriously melodic defiance, but apparrently it helps. Apparently this is their second full-length. Good family men (wives and girlfriends are the first on the thanks list), which makes me want to check out their first (and hopefully third) record even more. Though, to be honest, I wouldn’t expect anything less from the rather stupendous Rebel Time Records” (Maximum Rock N Roll)

“Cambridge released their second full length album this summer on Rebel Time Records. The Vancouver bands new release, titled This is Not a Victory, contains ten tracks of fast-paced, melodic, and politically-charged punk rock. Known for their distinct and complex sound, Cambridge carries forward their own brand of fiery hardcore anthems in This is Not a Victory, while assaulting injustice at every turn. The albums lyrics deal with issues such as torture, war, democracy, corporate greed, and the environmental disaster that is the Albertan tar sands. Pretty heavy stuff. Yet, anyone who has seen Cambridge live can attest that they appear to have a hell of a lot of fun railing against such injustices and, hopefully, inspiring action through their chosen medium, and this comes across in their music. This is Not a Victory is a reminder that punk rock and resistance go together, and that the notion that all punk sounds the same is a fallacy which is ridiculous to the extreme. Favourite tracks: Kubark, Neverending Story, Middle of Nowhere.” (Rebel Youth Magazine)

“Quick punk licks and fast beats. Say hello to melody people, Cambridge aren’t afraid to say what they think and stick up for what they believe in. With political overtones draped over every song, Cambridge preaches a little louder than I am able to hear, but that doesn’t mean it ever stops being good tunes, it just means that I’m a stoner with the attention span of a small gerbil. But this gerbil was running on his wheel the whole time that Cambridge’s second full length album was playing. Jesse LeBourdais belts out strong vocals throughout the album with a vast range of highs and lows the have you visualizing the spittle flying across the room. The same could be said for the drums that go from fast to faster. Add some solid bass and speedy guitar action and you’ve got yourself one hell of an album. This Is Not A Victory is some of the band’s finest work to date, and their hard work paid off getting them signed to Rebel Time Records. Cambridge has been around for over five years now and hopefully they’ll have the energy and the gusto to be around for five more.”  (Absolute Underground)

The Fallout – (Still) Turning Revolution Into Money

Back in 2004, The Fallout released their first – and classic- album “Turning Revolution Into Money” on Longshot Music. The album was recorded at guitarist Byron’s home studio ‘The Farmhouse,’ where, incidentally, he has also recorded other Rebel Time Records bands like The Rotten and The Class Assassins.

Recently, Byron has taken it upon himself to remix, remaster and digitally re-release this first album, to be followed by a similar treatment of the band’s subsequent albums. Continue reading “The Fallout – (Still) Turning Revolution Into Money”

Interview With Atterkop

It’s been exactly two years since the release of Atterkop’s debut album “Liber Abaci”! A cracking release! As one reviewer noted, it’s “an album as hard-hitting in its beliefs as much as it is in its vibrant and genre-crossing Punk-Rock sound, Liber Abaci is chaotic, intense and quite beautiful in its focused, tenacious and unrelenting rage.” Well put!

Here’s an interview we did with the band shortly after the album’s release.


Continue reading “Interview With Atterkop”

10 years of great music and bad websites!

Greetings to everyone out there still supporting underground music!

We’re still here after 10 years  and over 20 releases!  That’s amazing!  We’ve put out some of the best socially conscious and political music on the big island!  Heck, we even put out some great records from across the pond and beyond!   We’ve organized shows, tours, events … you name it!   Can’t say it has been easy though, we’ve had some serious struggles these past years,  and we’ve lost some amazing people along the way as well.  But here we are, in 2018, 10 years later, ready to keep this beautiful thing going!  No compromise to what we believe in!

So, thank you to everybody who has stood with and beside us all these years.  We’ve got some massive plans for the label in 2018 and we’re gonna keep doing this if you are, too!

We are busy working behind the scenes in a much needed regrouping at the label, so thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts for your patience!

This year, we will join the rest of the world and build a proper website.  And we’ve got some amazing releases and shows coming up!  Stay Tuned, thank you again for the support!!!

For now, stay up to date here:

Facebook (most up to date):  https://www.facebook.com/RebelTunesForRebelTimes/

Blog: https://rebeltimeproductions.wordpress.com/

Rebels Sing – A Tribute To Todd Serious And The Rebel Spell

Rebel Sing "A tribute to Todd Serious and The Rebel Spell"

In loving memory of Todd ‘Serious’ Jenkins and in tribute to The Rebel Spell whose songs have touched, inspired and moved so many of us over the years … more than 2 dozen musicians and bands from across the country have collaborated with Harvest King Records, Not Yer Buddy, Deathbridge Disease and Rebel Time Records to bring you ‘REBELS SING’ !!! A double 12″ Vinyl LP featuring 26 covers spanning The Rebel Spell’s discography.

The digital download includes 4 original and beautiful songs in dedication to Todd including one from THE REBEL SPELL!

The record is a 100% non profit endeavor with all proceeds above cost going to a charity of The Jenkins Family’s choosing.

Not Yer Buddy Records / Harvest King Records / Deathbridge Disease / Rebel Time Records /

Released October 1, 2016


Mossin Nagant – Interview 2015

(While Mossin Nagant weren’t an official Rebel Time Records band, we certainly dug them enough to get copies of their CD to distribute on this side of the pond. Here’s an interview we did with the band.)

As previously promised, and without further ado, here is a bit of an interview with Basque streetpunk band Mossin Nagant. We’ve been listening to their latest self-titled release pretty much non-stop and have copies of it available in our bandcamp distro … 

For those of us who are  not familiar with Mossin Nagant, could you please introduce yourselves.  Who and what is Mossin Nagant?

mossingnagantpromoposterbigMossin Nagant is a streetpunk band from Vitoria-Gasteiz, basque country. Since 2003, our band has changed quite a bit during the years.  We founded our band on a marxist, anti-fascist philosophy, which reflects in our lyrics. Since then, we have had gigs in all kinds of political concerts and festivals in the Basque Country and the rest of Europe (Spanish State, Italy, London, …).

In 2005 Mossin Nagant released an album called “Redskin Sounds from Euskal Herria.”  Now in 2013 you have released a new album!  It took a long time, but it is well worth the wait!! Please tell us about the new record…

Haha! Because we don’t make a living of our music, there has been some fluctuation of band members – lack of time, work issues, etc. Work kills time for the best things of life. For those reasons it took us a lot of time to record and edit the album although we have been playing some of the new songs live for years. Finally we’re happy with the result: the work we put into it and we managed to release a different, grown sound. We could count on people very committed to our music and we edited the album accordingly to the availability of our means. Big ups to Rusty Knife Records (France) and Rumagna Sgroza (Italy) who produced the CD-Version with us and to Brixton Records (Bilbo), Urban Hell Tattoo (Zaragagoza) and Mai Morirem (Barcelona) who produced the vinyl. The album is titled “Mossin Nagant” and has 9 songs. We hope people like it as much as we do.

Mossin Nagant has songs like “R.A.S.H’ and “Red Skins.” Can you tell us what being a red skin or R.A.S.H means to you?

Being skinhead is inherently connected to the working class and its struggles. Music by and for skinheads in our view is the logical consequence and perhaps one of the most honourable forms of cultural expression. Anti-fascim is deeply rooted in our daily life and we try to reflect this in lyrics, attitude, things and acts. Some members of our groups have been active militants of local R.A.S.H. and similar social movements. Our special situation (opression by the Spanish state and living in an occupied country) has taught us to commit to the struggle for independence and to support our political prisoners.

On the song Zauri Zaharra you utilize a musical instrument called a txalaparta.  What is a txalaparta and what is it’s significance?      

The Txalaparta is a specialized Basque music device mde of wood or stone. Used, in the past, as a medium of communication between valleys, nowadays it is an important reference of basque folklore. In this song we used the Txalaparta because the lyrics are about the history of our country and the necessity for revolutionary struggle and independence.

Are there other redskin/political bands that we should know about or be listening to?

Of course! The basque country is a nest of all kinds of political bands, the skin, hardcore and punk scene is active and growing. We would like to recommend you our brothers ‘Boot Boys’, another streetpunk group from our city and Zartako (unfortunately they don’t play out anymore) from Bilbo.

We would like to send a solidarity salute to all of your people out there in Canada. Hopefully we’ll meet some day in concert!