¡Brigada Flores Magon – Still Holding The Line! – “Immortels” Available Now!

As previously noted, Rebel Time Records is one of the left-radical record labels / political projects coming together / working together to releases an ‘american’ version of the new Brigada Flores Magon album “Immortels.”

In an inspiring internationalist effort, we’ve got Machete Records (France) / Discos Machete (Mexico) / Rebel Time Records (Canada) / RASH GDL (Mexico) / PM Press (USA) / Dure Realite (Quebec) / RASH USA (USA) / SHARP Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) / Three Way Fight (USA) / Unite And Win (Brazil), all joining forces / combining resources to ensure that this album –  its music and its message – gets spread far and wide!

And, what an album it is!  Released 15 years after their last album  (Tout Pour Tous) and 2 years after the band got back together, “Immortels” is 10 tracks of catchy-as-heck, sing-a-long, up-in-arms, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist streetpunk.

Listening to these 10 songs, it’s clear that the band’s  anger and indignation is undiminished. Their militant / combative music and message is unchanged. Brigada remains impassioned, inflamed, undeterred and undaunted. They’re  in fighting form – worked-up , fired up and raring to go. This is a band that knows the struggle is indeed ongoing, endless and immortal.

Currently, Brigada Flores Magon consists of Mateo ( vocals ), Julien ( drums ), Goose ( ex-The Decline, guitar ), Arno Rudeboy ( ex-Bolchoi, guitar ) and Laurent ( ex-Ya Basta, bass )

In a recent statement, they  declared:

“2020 : Brigada is back on stage.
“The very rage which fueled us twenty years ago still burns more than ever.
This very anger leads us to come back now to shout our rebellion and our solidarity among those who are not heard.
It has been two decades, yet society keeps on sinking in the abyss of injustice dug by those in power.
We refuse to see our freedom and our rights disappear hopelessly day by day.”


Stay tuned for more information about the ‘american’ release. In the meantime, you can listen to the album digitally … Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.

… a solidarité ne meurt jamais, elle est notre arme la plus efficace / solidarity never dies, it is our most effective weapon / la solidaridad nunca muere, es nuestra arma más eficaz …