History Lessons EP – Free Download

Back in 2014 we released the “History Lessons” 7″ EP which featured two songs each from Action Sedition and Spanner.

Spanner is releasing a new album titled “Won’t Be Stopped” and we’re stoked / pleased as punch / happy as clams to be able to assist in a small way with the album’s release. It will be out this fall on Rebel Time Records and other like-minded labels.

In fact, we are so excited about this upcoming release that we are giving away the “History Lessons” EP for free. That’s right, you can download the EP from our bandcamp page for free / PWYC! Continue reading “History Lessons EP – Free Download”

Interview With Action Sedition – 2014

What follows is an interview with Action Sedition done up for the February 2014 issue of Tres Flechas zine (put out by RASH GDL), out of Guadalajara, Mexico. English version followed by Spanish version! Thanks to RASH GDL for sharing it with us!

3FZ – How are you guys? Could you please introduce yourselves and tell us how the band started.

tresflechasGreetings comrades! Action Sedition is made up of Milioi! (ex – Diarrhée Bucale, Les Gens D’armes) on bass and vocals, Remi (ex – In Situ) on guitar, Bo ( ex – Open Wounds) on guitar, Eric on vocals and Junior on drums. The band was formed with its current line-up in September 2011, following our first show in Montreal. Continue reading “Interview With Action Sedition – 2014”

Interview With Action Sedition – 2013

Back in November 2012 we heard Action Sedition for the first time, via a Youtube video for the song “Prisonniers Politique.” We loved the music and message and immediately hit the band up for the interview which follows.

Since then, we’ve been honoured to have Action Sedition on the label in the form of not one, not two, but three releases!

The interview was completed by the entire band and the answers are in both french and english. Continue reading “Interview With Action Sedition – 2013”