Action Sedition: A Couple Of Videos

Made up a couple of quick videos for a couple of classic Action Sedition songs:


from the Streets of Rage / Action Sédition split 10″ / 2014

released on Casual Records (France), Mad Butcher Records (Germany), Rebel Time Records (North America) and Street Influence Records (Russia)

footage: various antifascist demonstrations / Montreal



Le fascisme est la dernière mode
L’Italie célèbre son Duce
Rien n’effacera cette triste période
Le régime nazi est bien ancré

En Espagne l’armée se révolte
Suivant l’exemple des Italiens
Les cathos sont à sa solde
Les forces de la réaction sont en lien

Non, ils ne passeront pas, nous ne les laisserons pas
Non, nous ne reculerons pas, nous ne reculerons pas

À son tour le peuple se lève
Pour faire face au péril fasciste
Il met en œuvre ses rêves
Libertaires et socialistes

En Catalogne on groupe les terres
Les usines sont autogérées
On repousse les frontières
De la théorie appliquée

Non, ils ne passeront pas, nous ne les laisserons pas
Non, nous ne reculerons pas, nous ne reculerons pas (BIS)

Les fachos sont solidaires
Les avions allemands sillonnent les airs
Ils veulent mater la révolte populaire
L’exil au nord est nécessaire

La lutte est internationale
La France est envahie par Hitler
Notre expérience devient cruciale
Les premiers résistants se terrent


Fascism is back in style
Italy celebrates its Duce
Nothing will erase this sad period.
The Nazi regime is settled in

The army is revolting in Spain.
Following the Italian example
Catholics have sold out
Reactionary forces are united.

No, they will not pass, we will not let them pass
No, we will not back down, we will not back down

The people rise up
To face the fascist threat
They make their dreams reality
Anarchists and socialists

In Catalonia the lands are collectivized
Factories are self-organized
Borders are pushed back
Theory is put into practice

No, they will not pass, we will not let them pass
No, we will not back down, we will not back down (x2)

The fascists are united
German planes mark the skies
They want to put down the popular uprising
Exile in the north becomes necessary

The struggle is international
France is invaded by Hitler
Our experience becomes crucial
The first resistors take root.


from the Action Sedition / Spanner split 7″ “History Lessons” / 2014

footage: student demonstrations / Montreal / 2013


Classe contre classe
Toujours nous nous battrons
Classe contre classe
Jamais nous ne renoncerons
L’usine du quartier qui ferme
Encore des centaines d’emplois de perdus
La colère en nous qui germe
Plusieurs familles se retrouvent à la rue
Entre se tuer, boire ou gueuler
J’ai choisi de combattre pour ma dignité
Ma classe, on l’a humiliée
L’heure de la vengeance a enfin sonnée
Le chômage ne suffit pas
Les propriétaires ne font pas crédit
C’est le retour aux sous-emplois
La précarité les enrichit
Les syndicats ne bougent pas vraiment
Gangrénés par la bureaucratie
Le pouvoir des patrons s’étend
Plus on gratte plus c’est pourri
Classe contre classe (x8)
Pourtant nous n’avons pas bien le choix
Si nous voulons voir nos chaînes se briser
Il faut s’organiser pour le combat
Le capitalisme, il faut l’éliminer
C’est par la lutte que nous vaincrons
La bourgeoisie et tous ses valets
Le rapport de force nous le renverserons
Car entre les classes il n’y a pas de paix



Class against class
We will always fight on
Class against class
We will never back down
The local factory is shutting down
Hundreds of jobs are lost once again
Anger is building inside of us
Families find themselves on the streets
Between killing, drinking or shouting
I’ve decided to fight for my dignity
They’ve humiliated my class
Time for revenge has finally arrived
Welfare is not enough
Landlords won’t accept credit
It’s a return to underemployment
Precariousness enriches them
Unions do nothing
Infected with bureaucracy
The power of the bosses spreads
The more we scratch, the more rot we find
Class against class (x8)
Yet we don’t have much choice
If we want to break our chains
We must organize for the fight
Capitalism must be eliminated
We will win through the struggle
The bourgeoisie and its servants
We will overthrow the balance of power
Because there can be no peace between classes

History Lessons EP – Free Download

Back in 2014 we released the “History Lessons” 7″ EP which featured two songs each from Action Sedition and Spanner.

Spanner is releasing a new album titled “Won’t Be Stopped” and we’re stoked / pleased as punch / happy as clams to be able to assist in a small way with the album’s release. It will be out this fall on Rebel Time Records and other like-minded labels.

In fact, we are so excited about this upcoming release that we are giving away the “History Lessons” EP for free. That’s right, you can download the EP from our bandcamp page for free / PWYC! Continue reading “History Lessons EP – Free Download”

Interview With Action Sedition – 2014

What follows is an interview with Action Sedition done up for the February 2014 issue of Tres Flechas zine (put out by RASH GDL), out of Guadalajara, Mexico. English version followed by Spanish version! Thanks to RASH GDL for sharing it with us!

3FZ – How are you guys? Could you please introduce yourselves and tell us how the band started.

tresflechasGreetings comrades! Action Sedition is made up of Milioi! (ex – Diarrhée Bucale, Les Gens D’armes) on bass and vocals, Remi (ex – In Situ) on guitar, Bo ( ex – Open Wounds) on guitar, Eric on vocals and Junior on drums. The band was formed with its current line-up in September 2011, following our first show in Montreal. Continue reading “Interview With Action Sedition – 2014”

Interview With Action Sedition – 2013

Back in November 2012 we heard Action Sedition for the first time, via a Youtube video for the song “Prisonniers Politique.” We loved the music and message and immediately hit the band up for the interview which follows.

Since then, we’ve been honoured to have Action Sedition on the label in the form of not one, not two, but three releases!

The interview was completed by the entire band and the answers are in both french and english. Continue reading “Interview With Action Sedition – 2013”