Steal This Show! Episode 17 / Label Spotlight On Rebel Time Records

“Music has always been a platform for political expression and social justice and that is something that I really want to try and share on the show. Punk is a genre that I’ve been listening to for the better part of my life and it has definitely encouraged me to immerse myself in community activism and really take a stand for the things I believe in.” (Eshan Merali, host “Steal This Show!”)

Steal This Show!  is a radio show  airing on Wednesday’s at 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM on Hamilton’s CFMU 93.3  (the voice of McMaster University campus and the Hamilton community).

Hosted by Eshan Merali, the show is aimed at “exploring the punk ideology inside and outside of the punk genre with some radically random music for the radical revolutionaries.”

We’d like to thank Eshan for devoting episode 17 of Steal This Show! to Rebel Time Records !

It’s 23 minutes of rebel tunes for rebel times, with songs from The Rebel Spell, Afterboltxebike, Urban Vietcong, The Fallout and lots, lots more…

You can listen to (or download) the full episode right here.

Huge thanks to Eshan and CFMU …  much obliged …