The Class Assassins – “The Addiction & The Solution”

The Class Assassins: Timeless, catchy-as-heck, anthemic, sing-a-long streetpunk with something to say. The guys in the band are a veritable who’s-who of Toronto punk rock … over the past 20 or 30 years they’ve been in such bands as Bitter Grin, Hockey Teeth, Direct Action, 2-Pump Louie, Sinkin’ Ships, Problem Children, Chronic Submission and more. 

Stoked to have a couple of Class Ass releases under our Rebel Time Records belts.

The Class Assassin’s latest offering, “The Addiction & The Solution” is a top-notch, 2-song, 1-theme, digital-only release that clocks in at a super-sized 13 + minutes.

1pn Insert.qxd:CD 1pn Insert.qxdIt’s a “concept single,” says guitarist Cactus Vella, “the concept for the two songs came naturally, and together they tell a full story. It’s something unique and it’s different from anything else the band has put out. We’re known for writing 3-and-a-half minute anthems, so it’s nice to break the mould once in a while.”

On writing ‘The Addiction,” singer Chad Nugent says: “The lyrics came easily to me as I was fed up with how governments across the globe are in bed with the major corporations and are being bought and controlled by them all the while using us as their tools.” He adds: “I don’t want to get into a big political discussion about it; it’s all in the lyrics. I think that if you read them you’ll see exactly where we are coming from. They stand on their own laurels.”

When it came to penning the 9-minute “The Solution”, Chad states that “I looked at the words for The Addiction, then I looked at the Idle No More” movement and it all kind of fell into my lap. I have a deep respect for Indigenous peoples. Right now they are not only standing up for themselves but for the entire globe and that gave me the inspiration I needed. We’re the solution if we all stand together and fight for what’s right. Make your voice be heard!”

1pn Insert.qxd:CD 1pn Insert.qxdOn putting together this punk rock piece de resistance, Cactus says that “We started writing The Solution” a year ago. We were excited about writing a song that was well over the 6 minute mark and liked the idea of potentially composing a 10 minute long song. But it wasn’t as simple as just repeating your chorus 8 or 9 times, and a bunch of guitar leads. It was about creating a flow and a direction. Moving forward and upward, keeping the listeners attention, building the energy, until finally reaching the coda.”

Both Cactus and Chad are quick to point out the invaluable assistance of Producer Dave Baksh. “Working with Mr. Dave Baksh is a treat because it’s almost like having a sixth member. Our songs are never truly finished until he hears what we are doing. He really pushes us which brings out the best of us,” says Chad, while Cactus adds,”We were excited to work with Dave Baksh again. After he produced “The Treason 45” we knew we wanted to work with him again. He really gets our band and brings out the absolute best in us every time.”

Here’s what folks had to say about the release

Canadian Street Punk outfit ‘Class Assassins’ are back with a new single and it’s a pretty cool release. The A-Side ‘The Addiction’ is a full on high quality punk rock affair that you’d expect from these guys. What makes this single is the second track ‘The Solution’ which is a up-tempo punk rock number lasting over 9 minutes! I was quite surprised how well it works as I was expecting the song to be dragged out but how wrong I was. If you love bands like the Clash then you’ll certainly enjoy what’s on offer with the Class Assassins. 8/10  -(Street Voice )

Formed in 2001 in Toronto, Ontario THE CLASS ASSASSINS and play anthemic, sing-a-long, melodic street punk that will stick in your ear holes and won’t get shook out. 
This two song single is being released online only, which kind of sucks because I like to actually own the physical copies of my music, but with such a great band like THE CLASS ASSASSINS, I will forgive this crime…this time! It starts off with “The Addiction” which has the power that I expect from their releases, great gang vocals, raspy lead vocals, chiming guitar playing that has a touch of THE CLASH to it, pounding drums, bass playing that fits perfectly in tune with the drumming and a chorus that is huge, and “The Solution” starts off with some acoustic guitar, some feedback and then the band kicks you in the teeth with its hard-hitting street punk that has great gang vocals, and playing that will get you moving whether you want it to or not, and you will comply to their music and move your ass. 
With the great lyrics and their talent at playing, this is a release that needs to be heard by a lot of people, tell your friends to go and get this download and play it loud and proud. Every time I see something new from this band, I must get it, they are that good!  (Altered Frequencies) 

“The Addiction & The Solution” is available both from  Itunes and the Rebel Time Records  bandcamp page. for only $2.00

Here’s what your toonie gets you:


I know just what I want/ It’s a world of peace and a world of love/ But it’s so hard to believe in what this world has become/ Some of us will cope where others fail/While all the bankers get out, they get out on bail/ A soldier sets out to war/What’s he really fighting for?/Build the rockets, line the pockets/ For the next generation of the money whores/ Hang on to hope to no avail/ Hang on to everything because it’s all up for sale/ Well you know what’s right & you know what’s wrong/ So tell me what is going on?/Well you know what’s right and you know what’s wrong/So tell me what is going on/ It’s the addiction & it don’t belong/ So tell me what’s been going on/ Hold the power, harness the greed/ Wealth will come from growing the seed/ Build the rockets, line your pockets for the distribution of the chicken feed/ Hang on to hope to no avail/ Hang onto everything because it’s all up for sale/


Opinions matter at this event so we all listen to what we are against/Stand and deliver is the intent but it’s all in a colour code as we sit on the fence/What’s the solution? Were the solution/Built up with promise it’s all been sent/All an illusion so we we’ll fold the tents/We will rock you, heads will roll/We must shock you, this nations soul/This nations soul. Were the solution/Stand between the power and the greed. So goes the script we all need/You say you know just what I want/Set the rules, set the play/I flip my card and all I feel is rage/It all comes down to you and me but some of us are too blind to see/They took a turn but turned away as we stand here with something left to say/This attack is on a global stage. Tear it down/No one seems to wanna turn the page. Burn it down/All is lost if we don’t stand. Tear it down/Take back time and circumstance. Burn it down/In search of monsters to destroy/They’re in the mirror not the toy/Lies & bigotry has got no one to employ/No stock, no time, no living proof left in their voice/Now that the truth has been exposed/ It’s up to us how the story goes/ In the book of our nations soul/It’s time to take a stand/ Take back what is our land/Were the solution, their heads will roll/