The Fallout – Videos

… a few hastily assembled videos for various songs from The Fallout …


footage: “Pig Power (Newsreel #23)” / students take to the streets in New York and Berkeley to protest the Vietnam War

from: “What Is Past Is (Still) Prologue” / 202 / Rebel Time Records / Red Menace Records

Headline in the paper today
About fighting for democracy
Bombs tear human flesh apart
Watch the world turn away
What can I do? What can I say?
I don’t know
What you gonna do? What you gonna say?
You don’t know
Another imperialist action
War without end
Nationalist destruction
War without end
No international reaction
War without end
When it’s all for one
And none for all
Headache in the paper today
About fighting for liberty
Guns shoot civilians to death
Watch the world turn away
Protest seem to fall on dear ears
No one cares?
Apathy fulfilling my fears
No one cares?
Are they going to have the final word?
Am I ever going to be heard?


footage: “We Shall March Again” / A dynamic film of the October 1965 Berkeley Peace march, which builds to a showdown as the marchers meet a solid wall of Oakland police / 1965

from: “(Still) Turning Revolution Into Money” / 2020 / Rebel Time Records / Red Menace Records

When tomorrow comes
I’ll see the sun
Rise up for me
A brand new day

I’ll be ten feet tall
Nothing at all
Gets the best of me
Or my insecurities

Action today
Like the sun, freedom comes, everyday

I’ll never lose
Temptations are refused
Won’t get pushed around
I’ll stand my ground

Today starts rapidly
Feel and force my way
Blind insanity
Tries and retards me


Nothing holds a grip
Rigging starts to slip
Scores my brain
Stressed and strained

Never give up the chase
I’m not failing safe
The fight inside of me
Focuses my energy


footage: “Oil Strike” / Newsreel / 1969: “In January, 1969 oil workers in Northern California struck. The local police and the Standard Oil goon squads attacked the strikers and their families, killing one and injuring others. The striking students from San Francisco State were asked to join the struggle. For the first time workers and students fight together against their common enemy.

from: “(Still) Turning Revolution Into Money” / 2020 / Rebel Time Records / Red Menace Records

Day by day
They try to break your body and take your mind
There’s another way
Stand in union, we’ll be just fine

They’ll try to take your life, try to take your cash
But history teaches every systems must crash
You work so hard to try and make a cent
But everything you try just doesn’t make a dent

You get just enough to keep your mind closed
To prevent the truth from being exposed
No one should vanish without a trace
So get off your ass and get out of this place

The time has come to claim our space
To make our mark and there won’t be no disgrace
Workers of the world there’ll be no mistake
When brothers and sisters are united today