Interview With Union Thugs

… here’s a brand new interview with Union Thugs, taken from Industrial Worker

DPM: What should readers know about you and your band? Who are you? When/Where are you performing and what are the best ways to keep up with your recordings and performances?

Union Thugs: The band started out in 2017 following discussions around forming a union band with Montréal General Membership Branch members. Almost all six of us had experience with previous bands but it never been nothing close to a career—with the Union Thugs we always considered ourselves to be workers first and foremost, who just happen to play music on the side. So yeah, we pretty much all take part in the Montréal punk scene in one way or another, since the early 2000s.

But with the Union Thugs project, we wanted to bring back the old tradition of a syndicalist music act that would speak to laborers everywhere. We kinda grew tired of singing revolutionary punk songs to an already convinced revolutionary punk crowd. We wanted to bring what we had to say about the system and how it can be changed a step further. It’s Joe Hill who said: “A pamphlet, no matter how good, is never read more than once, but a song is learned by heart and repeated over and over.” And we think that does make a lot of sense!

So after almost seven years and close to 200 shows either in bars, squats, demos or picket lines all across Quebec and Ontario provinces, we’re actually about to embark on our first ever European tour that’s going to take place from the 17th of August until the 11th of September. Éric Sédition, our singer and main booker, has prepared 21 dates for us that will lead us from Germany to France with a few nights in the Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland and Italy and more importantly will connect us with the members and organizers of the German IWW (GLAMROC), the Free Workers’ Union (FAU) and the National Confederation of Labor (CNT) amongst other things!

For the longest time we’ve been touring around the provinces of Quebec and Ontario which (don’t get us wrong here!) we really enjoyed doing all those years. Just in the last few months this gave us the opportunity to play with bands such as Brigada Flores Magon, les Ramoneurs de Menhirs and the Dreadnoughts, but the time has come to visit the old countries and meet with workers from around the world!

The best way to stay up to date with our whereabouts would be to subscribe to our Facebook or Instagram accounts. In the U.S. all our music is available through PM Press and although there’s nothing like a real show, you can also catch us on all the major streaming  platforms and if you feel like supporting us, we also have a Patreon page; that way you can help us replace broken strings and put gas in the car!

DPM: Who are the people in your community making it happen? Who/What inspires you?

UT: Well the most inspiring thing for us is all these workers that resist and fight back against the abuse of the bosses. We’ve taken up a habit of stopping by to visit striking workers, chatting with them, playing a few songs. It’s always a very rich moment of exchange and we learn a lot.

Another thing that’s inspiring would be the movement for housing rights in Montréal right now. People are organizing against their landlords raising their rent and evicting them in a lot of traditionally working-class neighborhoods. People are fed up with being displaced and it shows.

One such fight was brilliantly led by the tenants of the Mont-Carmel retirement home who fought against an eviction notice to 200 tenants in 2023. There is also the resurgence in the fight for paid internships for students which is mostly led by women in care-centered programs.

And how can we forget about our very own Union, the Montréal branch of the IWW, which survived the pandemic and in addition to a few organizing campaigns always going on under the radar, just recently dumped a pick-up truck full of manure on the steps of Quebec’s Employers Council and is currently fighting a 20K wage theft campaign against a café owner. That list is obviously not everything that’s going on this year, that is just from the top of our heads!

Sebcom in Mâcon, France.
Sebcom in Mâcon, France.

DPM: A recent split release, including your contributions “J’avance” and a Woody Guthrie cover, “All You Fascists,” is a collaboration with Brooklyn-based Out of System (OOST). What inspired your contributions to the release and what kinds of solidarity and creative exchange are happening between Brooklyn and Montréal?

UT: Since the beginning of the band, we’ve mostly been doing covers of old union folk songs with a pinch of punk-rock or classic punk tunes that we folked on the way. This split recording was the first to feature an original song alongside a Woody Guthrie classic we’ve been performing since day one.

OOST and the Union Thugs had shared the stage a few times before this collaboration and Wawa (our now ex-drummer) and Derek (our current drummer) were friends with them before joining the band. OOST were also an obvious choice for us because of our shared views on politics and the duo is just great and really fun to be around!

Brooklyn and Montréal also have their share of similarities such as a strong working-class history in the heart of big city as well as rampant gentrification problems. It just really made sense for us to be featured on the same release as them.

Because of our cultural love for folk music and our political affiliation with the IWW, we have always felt very close with the American working class, but due to the particularly authoritarian nature of the U.S. border and some problem with the justice on our side, we haven’t succeeded yet in crossing the border, but we feel that this collaboration with OOST and PM Press, who helped us with the release, strengthen that link even if physically meeting is still pretty hard.

DPM: How are art and music related to worker struggle in your experience?

UT: Workers have a longstanding tradition of sharing their struggles and daily lives through art and music. For us, our shows are all about saying ‘’You are not alone to live like this! Others who are in your situation succeed in changing things and if you look around you just right now, you will realize that everyone wants to change things. You can do it too!’’

Music specifically is a great and accessible way to reach people and to open discussions about what actions can be taken to improve our living conditions. It can also be a means to support workers’ struggle.

For example, a picket line can be pretty boring if nothing is going on. They are usually held on roads where there is not much visibility; hours are long; it’s often really hot or really freezing. In that case, having a band visit can be really invigorating for the workers on those picket lines. In our experience, it really felt like people were happy to have this little change of pace in the day. It also felt like we were able to communicate our solidarity to them and that it was appreciated.

On the picket line of the Windsor Salt Mine Workers in Southern Ontario.
On the picket line of the Windsor Salt Mine Workers in Southern Ontario.

DPM: From your first release in 2018, Union Thugs’ songs have been consistently worker-centered and multilingual. In your wildest fantasy, how are your recordings being used?

UT: Being invited to play when workers are on strike and being able to go on a 21-date European tour is already beyond our wildest dream, but if we dare to dream even further, it would also be neat someday to play in demonstrations outside of Montréal and Quebec and (why not?) become the soundtrack of some revolutionary worker-led movement! But hey, if we can just happen to be in someone’s playlist at work and spark the idea of organizing their workplace, that would make the whole trip completely worth it!

DPM: How do you balance art, family, and work?

UT: That’s pretty chaotic! From the start, as any organizer will tell you, keeping six persons on a tight schedule for an extended period of time is a challenge in itself. It’s a shame that there are only 24 hours in a day because we are pretty hyperactive both as a band and as individuals!

We usually play at least 20 shows a year, sometimes over 30. Some of us are pretty active in the IWW, others run a label, an underground venue and some have other bands. At work we are all in fairly different industries. In the band we’ve got a building painter who does seasonal work in the cinema industry, a high school teacher, a day laborer, a harm reduction worker, a journalist and bartender and to add to that puzzle our singer,  Eric, just had his first child a few months back. But we always kind of make it work!

However, playing music, dreaming of a working class revolution, meeting with workers who are fighting the good fight and helping the labor movement to grow are things that we wouldn’t exchange for nothing in the world.  For the last 10 to 20 years, we all have been actively militant against the Capitalist system and, to be honest, we wouldn’t even know what else to do.


Fellow workers Noel, Sansan & Stakh for the Union Thugs

Union Thugs / Out Of System Transfer – Le Combat Reste Le M​ê​me / The Struggle Stays The Same – Split 7″

… out now …

Out Of System Transfer: “New York City’s gonzo anti-folk punk rock radical leftist hootenanny, Out Of System Transfer combine elements of traditional folk protest music, New York anti-folk, and punk rock to create their high-energy, engaging, and thoughtful sound.”

For more info, check out the band’s website here!

Union Thugs: “Union Thugs are a Montreal-based six-piece that play a mixture of folk and oi in the spirit of working class and revolutionary anthems.”

Check out the band’s bandcamp page here!

¡Brigada Flores Magon – Still Holding The Line! – “Immortels” Available Now!

As previously noted, Rebel Time Records is one of the left-radical record labels / political projects coming together / working together to releases an ‘american’ version of the new Brigada Flores Magon album “Immortels.”

In an inspiring internationalist effort, we’ve got Machete Records (France) / Discos Machete (Mexico) / Rebel Time Records (Canada) / RASH GDL (Mexico) / PM Press (USA) / Dure Realite (Quebec) / RASH USA (USA) / SHARP Rio De Janeiro (Brazil) / Three Way Fight (USA) / Unite And Win (Brazil), all joining forces / combining resources to ensure that this album –  its music and its message – gets spread far and wide!

And, what an album it is!  Released 15 years after their last album  (Tout Pour Tous) and 2 years after the band got back together, “Immortels” is 10 tracks of catchy-as-heck, sing-a-long, up-in-arms, anti-capitalist, anti-fascist streetpunk.

Listening to these 10 songs, it’s clear that the band’s  anger and indignation is undiminished. Their militant / combative music and message is unchanged. Brigada remains impassioned, inflamed, undeterred and undaunted. They’re  in fighting form – worked-up , fired up and raring to go. This is a band that knows the struggle is indeed ongoing, endless and immortal.

Currently, Brigada Flores Magon consists of Mateo ( vocals ), Julien ( drums ), Goose ( ex-The Decline, guitar ), Arno Rudeboy ( ex-Bolchoi, guitar ) and Laurent ( ex-Ya Basta, bass )

In a recent statement, they  declared:

“2020 : Brigada is back on stage.
“The very rage which fueled us twenty years ago still burns more than ever.
This very anger leads us to come back now to shout our rebellion and our solidarity among those who are not heard.
It has been two decades, yet society keeps on sinking in the abyss of injustice dug by those in power.
We refuse to see our freedom and our rights disappear hopelessly day by day.”


Stay tuned for more information about the ‘american’ release. In the meantime, you can listen to the album digitally … Spotify, Bandcamp, etc.

… a solidarité ne meurt jamais, elle est notre arme la plus efficace / solidarity never dies, it is our most effective weapon / la solidaridad nunca muere, es nuestra arma más eficaz …

Brigada Flores Magon – Immortels

… a truly internationalist effort … labels / political projects from Mexico, Brazil, USA and Canada working together to release the latest from French anti-capitalist / anti-fascist streepunk stalwarts Brigada Flores Magon … stay tuned for more info … la solidarité ne meurt jamais, elle est notre arme la plus efficace / solidarity never dies, it is our most effective weapon / la solidaridad nunca muere, es nuestra arma más eficaz …

¡The People Are On The March And Must Have Songs To Sing!

¡ Build The Politico-Musical Front In The Metropole !

In one of the first initiatives of the newly formed International Anti-Capitalist Punk And Hardcore Syndicate, Rebel Time Records has joined forces with Dure Realite on their Youtube Page … we’ll be adding videos, releases, etc. over the next little while.

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United Rebels Distro

Just a heads up that United Rebels distro now has all the newest Rebel Time Records releases in stock. Based out of Toronto, United Rebel is an online shop and worker run co-op specializing in punk rock.

Just arrived and ready to buy are releases from, for example, Brigada Roja, Asbestos, Coup De Force, Krav Boca, both the Amenaza Mexicana cassette compilations, etc.

United Rebels has a great selection of music, clothing, pins, flags, studs, spikes and more. Basically, it’s your one-stop mail-order punk rock shop!

We highly recommend buying  Rebel Time Records releases from United Rebels. They’ve got rock-bottom pricing, friendly and knowledgeable staff and timely and efficient service. And, hey, supporting your local D.I.Y. purveyors of punk rock is the only way to go!

The Fallout – Videos

… a few hastily assembled videos for various songs from The Fallout …


footage: “Pig Power (Newsreel #23)” / students take to the streets in New York and Berkeley to protest the Vietnam War

from: “What Is Past Is (Still) Prologue” / 202 / Rebel Time Records / Red Menace Records

Headline in the paper today
About fighting for democracy
Bombs tear human flesh apart
Watch the world turn away
What can I do? What can I say?
I don’t know
What you gonna do? What you gonna say?
You don’t know
Another imperialist action
War without end
Nationalist destruction
War without end
No international reaction
War without end
When it’s all for one
And none for all
Headache in the paper today
About fighting for liberty
Guns shoot civilians to death
Watch the world turn away
Protest seem to fall on dear ears
No one cares?
Apathy fulfilling my fears
No one cares?
Are they going to have the final word?
Am I ever going to be heard?


footage: “We Shall March Again” / A dynamic film of the October 1965 Berkeley Peace march, which builds to a showdown as the marchers meet a solid wall of Oakland police / 1965

from: “(Still) Turning Revolution Into Money” / 2020 / Rebel Time Records / Red Menace Records

When tomorrow comes
I’ll see the sun
Rise up for me
A brand new day

I’ll be ten feet tall
Nothing at all
Gets the best of me
Or my insecurities

Action today
Like the sun, freedom comes, everyday

I’ll never lose
Temptations are refused
Won’t get pushed around
I’ll stand my ground

Today starts rapidly
Feel and force my way
Blind insanity
Tries and retards me


Nothing holds a grip
Rigging starts to slip
Scores my brain
Stressed and strained

Never give up the chase
I’m not failing safe
The fight inside of me
Focuses my energy


footage: “Oil Strike” / Newsreel / 1969: “In January, 1969 oil workers in Northern California struck. The local police and the Standard Oil goon squads attacked the strikers and their families, killing one and injuring others. The striking students from San Francisco State were asked to join the struggle. For the first time workers and students fight together against their common enemy.

from: “(Still) Turning Revolution Into Money” / 2020 / Rebel Time Records / Red Menace Records

Day by day
They try to break your body and take your mind
There’s another way
Stand in union, we’ll be just fine

They’ll try to take your life, try to take your cash
But history teaches every systems must crash
You work so hard to try and make a cent
But everything you try just doesn’t make a dent

You get just enough to keep your mind closed
To prevent the truth from being exposed
No one should vanish without a trace
So get off your ass and get out of this place

The time has come to claim our space
To make our mark and there won’t be no disgrace
Workers of the world there’ll be no mistake
When brothers and sisters are united today

Amenaza Mexicana Volume 2

The first  Rebel Time Records release of 2022!

Amenaza Mexicana Volume 2: Ruido Para Sobrevivir Al Capitalismo En El Tercer Mundo’ / ‘Noise To Survive Capitalism In The Third World’ 

A free / pwyc download on the Discos Machete and Rebel Time Records bandcamp pages … 12 tracks from 12 bands … brought to you by the International Anti-Capitalist Punk and Hardcore Syndicate 

Hard copies (cassettes) will be available shortly!

Here’s our very own Afterboltxebike with the song Gentrificación

… from the liner notes …

De La Escena Para La Escena
From The Scene To The Scene
De La Scene Pour La Scene

Ama La Musica, Odia El Fascismo

Amenaza Mexicana regresa con un segundo cassette compilatorio llamada “Ruido para sobrevivir al capitalismo en el tercer mundo” preparado y organizado por el Sindicato Internacional del Punk y Hardcore Anticapitalista.

En el Volumen 2 mezclamos bandas de distintos géneros del punk; punk rock melódico, hardcore, hardcore punk, gótico, raw punk y horror punk de distintas ciudades de todo México.

Rebel Time Records, Discos Machete, Sangre Caliente e Incendiario siguen trabajando de manera unida para apoyar a las bandas a difundir su música de manera virtual y física.

From the scene to the scene
From The Scene To The Scene
De La Scene Pour La Scene

Love music, hate fascism

Mexican Threat returns with a second compilation cassette called “Noise to survive capitalism in the third world” prepared and organized by the International Anti-Capitalist Punk and Hardcore Union.

In Volume 2 we mix bands from different genres of punk; melodic punk rock, hardcore, hardcore punk, goth, raw punk and horror punk from different cities throughout Mexico.

Rebel Time Records, Discos Machete, Sangre Caliente and Incendiario continue to work together to support bands to spread their music virtually and physically.

Urban Vietcong – Videos

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since Urban Vietcong commenced their Attacco Tour 2019 , a tour which saw them play Germany,  Mexico and Canada. To commemorate this, we’ve put together a few videos featuring footage of the band playing at Hamilton’s This Ain’t Hollywood on October 19, 2019.


from: Storie Tra Bottiglie E Ciminiere / 2018 / Out of Control, Fire and Flames, Rumagna Sgroza, Dure Realite, Rebel Time Records

footage: “Livorno: Unity Against Imperialism” / 1969

footage: Urban Vietcong / Hamilton / October 10, 2019 / Stronger Than Ever Video

A romperci la schiena in fabbrica e cantieri
Nipoti della resistenza coi calli tra le mani
Cresciuti tra un tornio e racconti partigiani
L’orgoglio operaio e’ un leone ferito
Frammentati senza sogni ne paradiso
La lotta di classe è in cassa integrazione
Ricatti quotidiani da un fottuto padrone

Storie vissute tra bottiglie e ciminiere
Tra treni perduti e mani dure come pietre
Storie vissute tra bottiglie e ciminiere
Tra campetti di cemento e schiene chine a bere

Le foto dei cortei sgualcite e scolorite
Ma siamo sempre qua ferite mai guarite
Guesto sistema ancora non ti ha incastrato
Galleggi tra sudore e un disco graffiato
Forza e precisione eran la nostra ragione
Il muro abbattuto a est il nostro sole
Restan nei pugni granelli di sabbia
Nel cuore scheggie di lacrime e rabbia


from: Storie Tra Bottiglie E Ciminiere / 2018 / Out of Control, Fire and Flames, Rumagna Sgroza, Dure Realite, Rebel Time Records

footage: “Don’t Bank On America” / 1970 / a documentary account of the 1970 riots in Isla Vista, California / a rally had been held at the University of California in Santa Barbara to respond to both national and local issues, including the firing of several radical faculty, police harassment of black student activists, and the Viet Nam War / police attacked students leaving the rally, which escalated into a large scale battle for the streets of Isla Vista, during which the Bank of America branch was torched

footage: Urban Vietcong / Hamilton / October 10, 2019 / Stronger Than Ever Video

Bastardi senza gloria
Non scriveremo mai la storia
Generazione fottuta
Tra precariato e cocaina
Tatuaggi e gelatina
Come uomini da copertina
Zero attitudine solo apparenza
Zero senso di appartenenza

Dove sono i ribelli di un tempo
Chi correva controvento
Spargeva sangue sul cemento

Che ogni canzone
Sia come una munizione
Pronta a colpire
A togliere dal torpore

Esci dal branco
Prima di finire al camposanto
Spargi semi di follia
Insegna ai bambini a odiare la polizia

Organizzati confrontati e rifletti
Scrivi sui muri ispirati ai combattenti
Col viso coperto esprimi la tua ragione
Non smettere mai di sognare la tua rivoluzione

Creare fastidio e aggregazione
Nelle menti quiete provocare confusione!


from: Storie Tra Bottiglie E Ciminiere / 2018 / Out of Control, Fire and Flames, Rumagna Sgroza, Dure Realite, Rebel Time Records

footage: Urban Vietcong / Hamilton / October 10, 2019 / Stronger Than Ever Video

footage: La Classe Operaia Va In Paradiso (Lulù The Tool) / Italy, 1972 / A conscientious factory worker gets his finger cut off by a machine. Although the physical handicap is not serious, the accident causes him to become more involved in political and revolutionary groups.

Quanti anni quella fabbrica ha divorato
Gioventù vola presto via
A lavoro sottopagato
Ogni giorno pura agonia
Gelida questa notte d’inverno
I demoni ti invitano all’inferno
Prendimi e portami via da qua
Finche il sole ci riabbraccerà
Han rubato il tuo futuro
Vorresti andar dritto contro il muro
Non farti ingabbiare resta ribelle
Esci dal fango punta alle stelle
È un cantico dei condannati
Sogni svaniti e cassa integrati
Ti ritrovi da solo in questa città
Bevi un altro whisky al pub
Domande rivolte alla stella polare, nessuna risposta giunge nel quartiere popolare
Dio di noi si è dimenticato, urla e bestemmia in catena l’operaio
Tra questi palazzi che cadono a pezzi
fucina di tossici e di reietti
È un giocar sempre con la sorte
Tra cicatrici e ossa rotte


from: Storie Tra Bottiglie E Ciminiere / 2018 / Out of Control, Fire and Flames, Rumagna Sgroza, Dure Realite, Rebel Time Record

footage: August 26th 1968 rally by the Black Panther Party outside the Alameda County Courthouse in Oakland, in support of Huey P. Newton. Includes scenes of Black Panthers marching and singing: “Revolution has come / off the pigs / time to pick up the gun” and “Free Huey / Black is beautiful!”

footage: Urban Vietcong / Hamilton / October 10, 2019 / Stronger Than Ever Video

Bruciano ancora quegli occhi insanguinati
Come i fratelli dei ghetti americani
A soledad il cuore mio non smette di battere
Pulsa piu forte e continua a combattere
Catene stringono polsi neri
Black power e sempre fieri
Siamo i dannati della terra
Affronteremo questa sporca guerra

La polizia continua a sparare
Pulizia etnica e razziale
Ricorda le pantere nere
Dai quartieri contro il capitale
La disperazione diventi rivoluzione
Lotta di classe senza alcun colore
Come un incendio boschivo
Brucia tutto sul suo cammino

Gettatemi pure all’inferno
Vi prometto odio eterno
Che questa terra sia maledetta


from: Storie Tra Bottiglie E Ciminiere / 2018 / Out of Control, Fire and Flames, Rumagna Sgroza, Dure Realite, Rebel Time Record

footage: International Women’s Day demonstration outside the FCI Dublin prison in support of political prisoners and prisoners of war / 1988 / At the time FCI Dublin housed approximately ten women political prisoners.

footage: Urban Vietcong / Hamilton / October 10, 2019 / Stronger Than Ever Video

Un orologio è alquanto inutile
Si sfiora la follia dobbiam resistere
Si nasconde il sole non vediamo tramontare
sorrisi che non vediamo scorgere
Ad ogni giro di chiave un po’ si muore dentro
Avvolti da sbarre e grigio cemento
Nessuna carezza familiare ad ogni lamento

Stanotte di nuovo ho sognato l’orizzonte
Il sapore del salmastro e il sole sulla fronte
La pioggia sulla testa e l’odore dell’erba
I brividi sulla pelle e perdersi nelle stelle

Con la mia mente evado e fuggo da questo raggio
Arrivo in Irlanda vedo la dignità di quel 5 maggio
Ammiro Ahed che lotta per la Palestina
Gramsci che riempe i fogli di china
Apo Ocalan che indica la via
Abu Jamal mai a testa china

Come nanni siamo invisibili
la solidarietà ci rende invincibili
No non si può fermare il vento
Degli oppressori saremo tormento

Brigada Roja / Red-Edge Commie-Core

Rebel Time Records is stoked be one of the labels working to release “2007 – 2011 – Discografia Incompleta,” a 19-song cassette retrospective  of the collective works of Mexican red-edge commie-core band Brigada Roja.

The band was founded by Diego Armando, also the founder of our very own Afterboltxebike.

Diego’s label / fanzine Incendiario will be taking care of the physical release, while Rebel Time Records, along with our musical comrades-in-arms Discos Machete, will be working arm-in-arm to take care of the digital release.

According to their bio, Brigada Roja was born in 2007, with the idea of playing hardcore punk with communist lyrics. In August 2009 they released their first album and in December 2009 they released their second album called “We Have Something To Tell You”.

Brigada Roja was the first Mexican band to be part of Rock Proletario Internacional (PRI). Founded in 2005 by Spanish band Nucleo Terco, PRI was “a cultural movement committed to serve our class’ interests … this musical tendency is expressed essentially through the most anti-commercial and popular styles of rock music (punk, oi !, hard core, etc). The values ​​transmitted in its lyrics are the thoughts and ideals of our class.”  PRI bands sang songs “of the socialist revolution, the anti-capitalist struggle, anti-fascism and proletarian pride.” “Proletarian Rock is an expression of struggle, and uses musical notes in order to spread a message of combat against fascism and capitalism. ”

Another bio of the band band stated:  Brigada Roja is from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Members participate in Juventud Comunista de Mexico (Communist Youth of Mexico). Between 2009 and 2010 benefit events were organized by CYM to raise founds for rescue of the 63 bodies of miners who died in a mining accident in Pasta de Conchos, Coahuila, where repeated mining accidents occurred due to negligence of Minera de México and the corruption of México’s federal government. Members have also recently participated in organizing demonstrations in Monterrey for the May 8th National March for Peace, a nation-wide protest calling attention to government corruption and violence in the war on drugs. Brigada Roja is part of Rock Proletario Internacional, an international movement of bands singing about class issues and working-class struggles.

“2007 – 2011 Discorgafia Incompleta has been released on September 23, 2021. Available on all digital platforms, ie, Spotify, Bandcamp, Itunes, Apple, Youtube, etc.

Why September 23rd in particular? It’s an important date in the history of the Mexican left, and, in fact, was also the name of Brigada Roja’s magazine. BR says: “The name of our broadcasting organ is in honor of the men and women who fought and gave their lives in the “Communist League September 23,” which was an urban Marxist-Leninist guerrilla movement that emerged in Mexico during the first years of the decade of 1970. Unlike other guerrilla movements, the September League had an important presence in large cities, including Guadalajara (Jalisco), Monterrey, (Nuevo Leon) and the City of Mexico. It was born as a result of the merger of various armed movements of leftist orientation, and took as its name the date of the attack by a guerrilla on the Cuartel de Ciudada Madera (Chihuahua), led by Professor Arturo Gamiz, which occurred on September 23, 1965.”


El tiempo sigue pasando, los problemas se van acumulando, la producción de pobres aumenta, la burguesía sube sus rentas. Y el gobierno sigue mintiendo, que la democracia esta funcionando. Ellos Te Asesinan ellos te secuestran. Ni un voto mas, solo gritos de protesta


Brigada Roja, va sin trequa puño en alto listo a atacar ,sobre un camino difícil de avanzar, nuestro manifiesto siempre a sido el mismo. Una revolución basada en el marxismo, Brigada Roja


Empuñando sus armas nacieron en el sur. Una nueva luz en la revolución. Al cubrir su rostro su voz se escucho. El gobierno tiembla por la insurrección. El eco de Zapata se vuelve acción. Indígenas van por la apropiación, de las tierras robadas por el patrón. Zapatistas que luchan por su libertad, Insurgentes rebeldes que no van a parar