Rebel Time Records Punk Rock Matinee – February 2, 2020

… first show of 2020 …

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l était une fois,
Comme dans n’importe quelle histoire,
D’un côté les hommes de loi,
Et de l’autre, les piqueteuses de la gloire.
Laï, Laï, Laï

Nous étions de celles qui marchent,
Pour prouver qu’on se tient debout,
Malgré le froid et les sarcasmes,
On était riches sans un sou,
On était riches sans un sou.


L’hiver est long au Canada,
Mais la chaleur qui nous anime,
Est celle qu’attise le combat,
De vouloir combler cet abîme,
Qui nous sépare des faux rois.


Et de faire sauter leurs palais,
Et puis qu’ils rampent comme des rats,
D’avoir osé nous mépriser,
Ils sont souris, nous sommes chats,
Et notre chasse est liberté.


Crois en la force des travailleurs,
Ces anonymes cachés dans l’ombre,
Leur voix est celle qui vient du coeur,
Ils se relèvent des décombres,
Et ils construisent en s’unissant,
Une vie nouvelle qui est à eux.



A Forest, A Fire, A Suit, A Liar.
A Banker, A Bully, Our Streets Unruly.
A Pipeline, A Profit, Our Movement, Can’t Stop It.
Our Oceans Are Burning, Our Hearts Are Yearning.
A Future For All, For Old, For Small.
Raise Your Fist, Raise Your Voice,
We Don’t Have A Choice!
United We Stand, Divided We Fall.
They May Stop One But They Can’t Stop Us All!

(Chorus) x2
What Are You Going To Do?
When Your Lies Catch Up With You?
What Are You Going To Do?
When The Boot Boys Come After You?

We Work, We Die, They Profit, They Lie.
We Strap On Our Boots, While They Tie Up Their Ties.
We Stand, WE Fight, We Picket, We March.
They Sit On Their Thrones But This is How It Starts.
The Young, The Old, The Hungry, The Cold.
Separate We Are Nothing, But Together We Are Bold.
Tear Down Their Borders, Our Voices Are One.
The People My Rifle, This World Is Our Gun!

(Chorus) x2
What Are You Going To Do?
When Your Lies Catch Up With You?
What Are You Going To Do?
When The Boot Boys Come After You?

// Break \\

(Chorus) x2
What Are You Going To Do?
When Your Lies Catch Up With You?
What Are You Going To Do?
When The Boot Boys Come After You?


Raise your flag, Raise it high
Let them look you in the eye
Side by side
Show your pride
Wave your flag, wave your flag
Raise your flag, Raise it high
And when they look you in the eye
Wave your flag, wave your flag, wave your flag

Double standards of the hypocrites
They condescend as you bite your lip
You’re in my heart
You’re on my mind
You don’t have to take that shit

On the horizon is a new frontier
If you feel alone or you’re getting scared
With all your spirit
And all your soul
You know there is nothing to fear

Sing if you’re glad to be gay

Homophobes are just a dying breed
As they cling to an illegitimate creed
You’re in my heart
You’re on my mind
They offer nothing that you can believe

All their hate they never take a rest
Stunning ignorance takes away your breath
With all your spirit
And all your soul

Resolve that you’ll never forget

To sing if you’re happy that way.


What does it say about American Society The land of milk and honey The land of the free They say they want their freedom back They want to be free But thats not how it seems to me Return of the messiah Pathological lier Out of the frying pan Into the fire They claim to have the answer Prepared to sell their soul Make a deal with the devil Just do as their told


Leaving opportunities behind. Got fired again for speaking my mind. Is there someplace out there, a place where I might even be welcomed in with opens arms even though I set off your alarms every time I open up my mouth to speak? I need a workplace democracy, where I can do the work that I agree to and noone threatens to throw me off the street. I need a workplace democracy where I’ll be standing in solidarity. We are the workers, and we’re standing on our feet. Our blood, and our sweat, built this world. It’s time to unite. Let’s take it back. We’ll make shelves and stuff for Walmart, hide our info on their shopping carts. And when they drive their workers away, they’ll know exactly where to turn to find a workplace democracy.

The Fallout – One Last Struggle

… and, here’s another new one from The Fallout … written by Patty O’Lantern … it’ll be featured on the band’s upcoming full-length “The Times Have Never Changed” …

It’s happening again
Our bleeding hearts are overflowing
Spilling out into the streets
You tell me one more time
No one can change the world
That’s exactly what they say
Every time we come close to overthrowing
All our despair they hope to shatter our dream of global unity

No one is free until everyone is free
To liberate a world oppressed all we really need is

One more movement by the people
One last struggle for the world

Let this be a movement without borders – without nationality
A revolution without gender – without sexuality
A struggle for all people all races all ethnicities
No segregation – liberation without triumph in defeat

New Afterboltxebike in 2020

… very stoked to be part of an upcoming release (along with one or two other like-minded labels) from Afterboltxebike … the band’s 2019 8-song cassette release “No Pasaran”( out on Rebel Time Records ) has been described as “anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, and one hundred percent communist punk from Nuevo Leon, Mexico” … we’re sure their upcoming 3-song ep will be more of the same … !

Rebel Time Records Scarves

Available early December!

A five colour premium ‘Champions Knit’ version of the traditional jacquard knit option … red and black fringe … 62″ X 7″.”

$25.00 plus postage.

Stay tuned!

The Fallout – Set Us Up

The Fallout have been hard at it recording new tracks for release in 2019.  Expect an album and an ep!

Here’s a track from the upcoming album. The track is “Set Us Up” and the album will be titled “The Times Have Never Changed.”

Dead eyes with a cold blank stare
Black heart doesn’t feel or care
Driven only by market share and a need to survive
Figure heads full of shit and lies
When are we gonna realize
We don’t have any rights if we don’t organize

Set us up, set us up just to knock us down
Gotta run, gotta run run you out of town

Gotta gotta gotta gotta get rid of you
There’s only one thing left to do
Gotta gotta gotta gotta get rid of you

Profits first and people last
Take advantage of the working class
Hysteria created en masse to conquer and divide
Lapdog with authority
A governing minority
Save money through austerity so viscous and bile

Some day we’ll finally see
Damage and depravity
We’ll drag you through the streets as you beg for mercy
In the rubble and the decay
As your system fades away
We’ll rebuild the ash and clay in solidarity

And, here’s a bit of a video!

Fall Offensive 2019 – Hamilton – Thursday October 10 – Video

At the moment, words can’t express just how fantastic the past few days spent with Urban Vietcong have been … those words will come … so many people to thank … a considerable community of friends and comrades came together to make the Fall Offensive 2019 portion of Attacco Tour a success on so many levels … a truly international effort, steeped in a love for left-radical punk and politics, based on / in mutual affinity and affection, respect and regard, camaraderie and cooperation.

One of those people we have to thank is Steve from Stronger Than Ever Videos … he’s at every show, documenting the bands and the scene for posterity.

Here’s his footage from the Hamilton stop of Fall Offensive 2019 … thanks Steve … thanks Urban Vietcong, Reckless Upstarts, Barbed Wire Braces and Bring The War Home.





Steal This Show! Episode 17 / Label Spotlight On Rebel Time Records

“Music has always been a platform for political expression and social justice and that is something that I really want to try and share on the show. Punk is a genre that I’ve been listening to for the better part of my life and it has definitely encouraged me to immerse myself in community activism and really take a stand for the things I believe in.” (Eshan Merali, host “Steal This Show!”)

Steal This Show!  is a radio show  airing on Wednesday’s at 11:00 PM to 12:00 AM on Hamilton’s CFMU 93.3  (the voice of McMaster University campus and the Hamilton community).

Hosted by Eshan Merali, the show is aimed at “exploring the punk ideology inside and outside of the punk genre with some radically random music for the radical revolutionaries.”

We’d like to thank Eshan for devoting episode 17 of Steal This Show! to Rebel Time Records !

It’s 23 minutes of rebel tunes for rebel times, with songs from The Rebel Spell, Afterboltxebike, Urban Vietcong, The Fallout and lots, lots more…

You can listen to (or download) the full episode right here.

Huge thanks to Eshan and CFMU …  much obliged …



Reviews From Razorcake

Thanks to Razorcake for the swell reviews of the Afterboltxebike and Urban Vietcong cassettes!


Anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, and one hundred percent communist punk from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The cover shows the band sitting in front of a table spread out with several classic punk records including Black Flag, Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, and Sick Of It All but their sound is more of the vein of street punk and at their toughest reminiscent of early Fucked Up. The lyrics are all in Spanish and are what you would expect from an anti-authoritarian band with subjects such as killing fascists, living in an exhausting working class society, and the importance of reading (“read to study, read to learn, read to liberate!”) As part of the proletariat, I identify with much of what they’re pissed about, particularly the lyrics in “No Pasaran”: “I’m sick of waking up at 4AM day after day, not to go running, not to eat, not even to watch TV… moonlighting not for fun but for necessity…” That’s me! Good stuff! –Juan Espinosa (Rebel Time)

URBAN VIETCONG: Storie Tra Bottiglie E Ciminiere: CS

Political punk from Italy performed in a mid-tempo pace of the street punk and oi variety. “Drunken Sailor” definitely has a Dropkick Murphys vibe. All the lyrics are in Italian and I know very little of it (“stronzo,” “cazzo,” and other bad words) with the exception of the aforementioned “Drunken Sailor” sung in English and “Uno. Dos. Uno. Tres.” in Spanish and is definitely anti-fascist and anti-cop. I’m down with that. Fans of the Czech label Pasazer will be into this. –Juan Espinosa (Rebel Time / Dure Realite)

Peoples Army Jamboree – A Rebel Time Records Compendium

Well now … it’s about time for a Rebel Time Records compilation, eh?

Rise up singing … it’s time for a peoples army jamboree … 19 bands … 38 songs … a rebel time records compendium … and The Man can’t stop you from listening.