Amenaza Mexicana / Mexican Threat

In collaboration with Discos Machete, Incendiario and Sangre Caliente Records, we’re happy to announce the release of Amenaza Mexicana (Mexican Threat) … a cassette compilation featuring 12 tracks from 12 Mexican bands … de la escena para la escena … ama la musica, odia el fascismo …

Bands on the compilation are: Synësthësia, Ruffies, Trabajo Sucio, Malaria, Hollywood Babilonia, Afterboltxebike, Cooperativa Pascual, Filero, XRompe el controlX, Flores y Fuego, Automatas and Brigada Roja.

One of the people behind the compilation had this to say:

Amenaza Mexicana es un proyecto Do It Yourself – Hazlo Tu Mismo entre los sellos Rebel Time Records, Discos Machete, Sangre Caliente e Incendiario para crear un registro en formato físico de una parte de la escena punk y hardcore de México. Con esto buscamos apoyar a las bandas y mostrar las distintas propuestas y sonidos que van desde el raw punk, street punk, hardcore straight edge y punk melódico.

Amenaza Mexicana is a Do It Yourself – Hazlo Tu Mismo collaboration between Rebel Time Records, Discos Machete, Sangre Caliente and Incendiario to create a record, in a physical format, of a section of the punk and hardcore scene in Mexico. With this project we are trying to support the bands and show the different approaches and sounds; from raw punk, street punk, hardcore, straight edge and melodic punk.

And, as you can see, it comes in a veritable cornucopia of colours!

Here’s a track from the compilation … Afterboltxebike doing ” De Que Lado Estas?”

The Fallout – One Last Struggle

… and, here’s another new one from The Fallout … written by Patty O’Lantern … it’ll be featured on the band’s upcoming full-length “The Times Have Never Changed” …

It’s happening again
Our bleeding hearts are overflowing
Spilling out into the streets
You tell me one more time
No one can change the world
That’s exactly what they say
Every time we come close to overthrowing
All our despair they hope to shatter our dream of global unity

No one is free until everyone is free
To liberate a world oppressed all we really need is

One more movement by the people
One last struggle for the world

Let this be a movement without borders – without nationality
A revolution without gender – without sexuality
A struggle for all people all races all ethnicities
No segregation – liberation without triumph in defeat

2018 And Beyond

2018 may have been more of a Year Of Rectification And Regroupment, but that’s not to say we didn’t make some real advances (including this new spiffy website, which is still a work in progress!)

First and foremost, we were able to work with a couple of bands that really represent what Rebel Time Records is all about.

We are very proud to have been able to work with The Fallout and Urban Vietcong  … both bands fall beautifully under the “rebel tunes for rebel times” banner … both bands play catchy-as-heck and unapologetically political agit-p(r)op-punk rock.

2019 promises more of the same, so stay tuned!

10 years of great music and bad websites!

Greetings to everyone out there still supporting underground music!

We’re still here after 10 years  and over 20 releases!  That’s amazing!  We’ve put out some of the best socially conscious and political music on the big island!  Heck, we even put out some great records from across the pond and beyond!   We’ve organized shows, tours, events … you name it!   Can’t say it has been easy though, we’ve had some serious struggles these past years,  and we’ve lost some amazing people along the way as well.  But here we are, in 2018, 10 years later, ready to keep this beautiful thing going!  No compromise to what we believe in!

So, thank you to everybody who has stood with and beside us all these years.  We’ve got some massive plans for the label in 2018 and we’re gonna keep doing this if you are, too!

We are busy working behind the scenes in a much needed regrouping at the label, so thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts for your patience!

This year, we will join the rest of the world and build a proper website.  And we’ve got some amazing releases and shows coming up!  Stay Tuned, thank you again for the support!!!

For now, stay up to date here:

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