History Lessons EP – Free Download

Back in 2014 we released the “History Lessons” 7″ EP which featured two songs each from Action Sedition and Spanner.

Spanner is releasing a new album titled “Won’t Be Stopped” and we’re stoked / pleased as punch / happy as clams to be able to assist in a small way with the album’s release. It will be out this fall on Rebel Time Records and other like-minded labels.

In fact, we are so excited about this upcoming release that we are giving away the “History Lessons” EP for free. That’s right, you can download the EP from our bandcamp page for free / PWYC!

Here’s “Impossible,” one of the tunes from the record, along with a bit of an essay, by Spanner, about the tune. Enjoy!


The world we want to live in is too far away
The bad times are here to stay
All hope is gone and there’s nothing we can do
Apathy is everywhere the rebels are too few
No one is listening to the screams and shouts
We’re powerless and we can’t break out
Revolution was just a futile dream
The struggle’s been lost or so it seems

But the only struggle that is lost is the one that’s never fought
so lift your head up high and fight to win
Demand the impossible with a new world in our hearts
Stay solid never give in

Everything has a price and it’s all doomed
to be used, exploited and consumed
A devastated planet pushed over the brink
Millions of species made extinct
So much life annihilated by politics
Toxic air and chemicals keep us sick
Desperate people, ruined lives everywhere
Suffering’s so normal that no one cares
Children learn early on that life is cruel
Violence and domination are what rules
We’ll never know peace or freedom or a life not sold
We’re defeated, beaten, numb and so controlled

There’s many of us having a go
and living our lives against the flow
Remember that you are not alone
and nothing here is set in stone
Recognize our struggles are all linked
and things can change faster than you think
Victories and struggle can be won
The impossible can be done

Spanner weighs in with a few words about the song:

spannercogSurrounded everyday by bleak news, relentless consumerism, routine abuses, daily poverty and violence and “business as usual” ecocide it is easy to see how comrades can loose hope in the modern world. The grip of the state seems ever stronger with social movements enduring surveillance, infiltration, out-right repression and a lack of people getting involved in the fight. Whether it’s apathy, fear or cynicism or just a life of daily struggles to survive there are so many obstacles for people joining the struggle.

So much is designed to keep us apart, isolated as individuals whether it is shitty new contracts where you don’t knowvinyl7_foldover your co-workers or when you will work, the rise of social media and its associated online activism and simply the cost of living increasing not matched by wages brings us all down. The concerted effort by the state to prevent us working together, whether that is through legal avenues such as anti protest laws, or social control is not an accident.

However. There is much we can do to break out of our little boxes, and learning from the lessons of the past we can find ways to work together, and fight to win. We can gain so much inspiration from other struggles and victories, both at home and away. We get strength and inspiration from hearing about the countless ways people find to resist. In the face of so much intended to break our spirits, hope and solidarity their creativity, determination and ingenuity help us carry on. Never give up!

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