Afterboltxebike – Demo 2018

As noted below, 2018 may have been more of a Year Of Rectification And Regroupment, but that’s not to say we didn’t make some real advances .

While not a Rebel Time Records release, we were stoked to be able to present, ( with the band’s ok ) and as a free / pay-whatever-the-heck-you-want release, Afterboltxebike‘s 2018 demo … a fantastic antifascist and communist punk band from Nuevo León, México, with two members of Comunistas Unidos (United Communists).

Required listening for sure.

We first came across Afterboltxebike back in 2016 when the band released a couple of great tunes ( “Pavlichenko” and “De Que Lado Estas?” ). We got in touch with singer / guitarist Diego, did an interview with him, and the rest is history.


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