The Fallout – “Casualty” EP

Hot on the heels of their “The Times Have Never Changed” album, The Fallout are back with “Casualty,” a four-song, digital-only release.

As always, a free / pwyc release on Bandcamp. Of course, you can stream it on Spotify, Youtube, etc., etc., as well.

Released by Discos Machete (Mexico) and Rebel Time Records (Canada).

Dig it!

Here’s a review of the EP from A.J. and The Punk Site:

“It’s only been six months since Canada’s The Fallout released the impressive “The Times Have Never Changed” album but now they’re back with the “Casualty” EP, that, as with their previous releases, is available as a ‘name your price’ download via Canada’s Rebel Time Records and Mexico’s Discos Machete imprint. If you’re not familiar with The Fallout then try and imagine something that’s manning the barricades on the edge of the same territory occupied by Anti-Flag and D.O.A., this is political punk rock with it’s roots deep in the scene, but this is not a band looking back, this is the sound of a band facing the future and tackling it head on.

What you get on the “Casualty” EP is four tracks that are delivered in around eight minutes, the EP’s title track launches you straight into a manic and timely blast of energy, the second wave of “Miracles For Sale” takes on religion and challenges blind faith with a blast of straight up old school punk rock. The throttle is twisted and we get back up to speed with a hit of melodic punk rock that raises a middle finger at religion and politics, that is appropriately titled ‘Same Old Shit‘. The “Casualty” EP bows out with ‘Warpath‘ another barbed slice of stripped down straight up political punk rock.

The Fallout are a band that keep the flag burning in the tradition of the best political punk bands, the energy on display backs up the political conviction, and make no mistake, both are equally important elements of The Fallout. “Casualty” combines a die hard D.I.Y. attitude & a genuine conviction, this is all delivered with a generous punk heart, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by checking this out. If you love your punk with a direct, coherent and energetic message then this is for you. The Fallout are a band who do what they do purely because it’s what they love and to say what needs to be said.”

You can stream and download the “Casualty” EP via Rebel Time Records and Discos Machete”

Here’s videos for a couple of the songs:

footage: G20 demo /police kettling protesters at Queen St. & Spadina Ave. / Toronto / June 26, 2010

They burst in
Stop and stare
Feel the burn
The flame flares
Kicked in the head
Bloody gash
Floor turns red
You’re fading fast
Freedom’s a casualty
Tried to recall
A better time
The downfall
The highest climb
The sun dawns
Day breaks
Your freedom
What they take

footage: women’s marches against gender violence and femicide and for legal abortion / Mexico City / 2020

From a thousand towns
Their heading down
On the warpath
As if you needed proof
Manifested youth
Are on the warpath
A system self reverent
Unable to remain silent
Will get torn apart

As we march along the warpath

Students make plans
Workers take stands
On the warpath
Fathers and sons
Have just begun
Down the warpath

Daughters and their mothers too
Will decide and they shall choose
Lead from the heart
As we march down the warpath

“The Times Have Never Changed” – Review

Thanks to Lord Routledge at the Faster and Louder blog for the very kind, very nuanced review of “The Times Have Never Changed” … here it is, in both english and spanish:

“The Fallout’s new album could not be any more of a soundtrack to this moment. It’s packed full of fist-pumping punk rock anthems railing against injustice, inequality, and the systemic oppression of the people. It’s music in the grand tradition of late ’70s/early ’80s political punk rock and the protest folk that inspired it. This Toronto-based band has been active since 2004 and strives to write “songs of unity, inclusion, solidarity and struggle”. It’s inspiring now to see so many people finally waking up to injustice in the world and getting angry about it. The Fallout have been angry from the start, and they’re ready as always to take up the fight.

Out on Rebel Time Records and Discos Machete, The Times Have Never Changed opens with the premise that the protest music of the past promised change that has yet to be delivered. That’s not a cynical statement so much as it is a message that the struggle has yet to be won. Over the course of 15 tracks, it’s clear that The Fallout reserves all of its cynicism for institutions of power, which must be resisted and confronted if real change is to ever occur. So don’t let the album title fool you. These guys are true believers in the idea that songs can change the world – or at least that songs have the power to inspire the people who will change the world. If you can watch authority clash with dissent at this moment and honestly side with authority, this is clearly not the band or album for you. The Times Have Never Changed rages against everything from endless wars to partisan politics to institutionalized homophobia to organized religion to police brutality to the marginalization of sex workers. It’s full of urgency, passion, and absolute conviction. Sometimes the whole idea of “political punk” can turn people off because the music tends to be generic at best or an afterthought at worst. But The Fallout is a throwback to a time when protest punk was just as much about the tunes as it was about the message. These guys write catchy songs that are tailor made for you to shout along with. The music is powerful and aggressive but also fun to listen to. And that’s the way it ought to be. If a song is going to inspire people, it has to be inspiring. Songs like “Red Light Union” and “Raise Your Flag” will have you fired up to run through a brick wall for the cause! This is “street” punk in the truest sense of the term – music for the people that is relevant to what’s actually happening on our streets.

Certainly when this album was being prepared for release, the band and labels had no idea it would arrive on the eve of a mass protest movement of historic proportions. But the injustices and inequality that ignited this movement have persisted for generations. I used to assume that most people had the sense to know that racism is wrong and fascism is bad. But in this modern-day Bizarro World where anti-fascists are suddenly “terrorists”  and not wanting cops to murder people of color is a “divisive” position, it’s clear that nothing is obvious. We can’t take for granted that sanity will prevail or that progress is inevitable. We must resist and keep resisting. And we will listen to awesome music while we do it.”

El nuevo álbum de Fallout es la banda sonora de los momentos que estamos viviendo. Está repleto de himnos punk rock que critican la injusticia, la desigualdad y la opresión sistémica en contra de la gente. Es música que se sitúa en la gran tradición del punk rock político de finales de los 70 / principios de los 80 y en la canción de protesta que lo inspiró. Esta banda originaria de Toronto ha estado activa desde 2004 y se esfuerza por escribir “canciones de unidad, inclusión, solidaridad y lucha”. Es inspirador ver a tanta gente que por fin está despertando frente a la injusticia en el mundo y que está enojada por eso. The Fallout han estado enojados desde el principio, y están listos como siempre para comenzar la pelea.

Producido por Rebel Time Records y Discos Machete, The Times Have Never Changed parte de la premisa que la música de protesta del pasado prometió un cambio que aún no se ha entregado. Esa no es una declaración cínica, sino un mensaje de que la lucha debe continuar. Al escuchar las 15 rolas, está claro que The Fallout reserva todo su cinismo para las instituciones de poder, a las que hay que resistir y confrontar para conocer un cambio real. Así que no dejes que el título del álbum te engañe. Estos tipos son verdaderos creyentes en la idea de que las canciones pueden cambiar el mundo, o al menos que esas canciones tienen el poder de inspirar a las personas que cambiarán el mundo. Si en estos momentos de tensión entre la autoridad y la disidencia estás del lado de la autoridad, esta banda no es para ti.

The Times Have Never Changed explota contra todo, desde guerras interminables hasta políticas partidistas, desde la homofobia institucionalizada hasta la religión organizada, desde la brutalidad policial hasta la marginación de las trabajadoras sexuales. Es un disco lleno de urgencia, de pasión y de absoluta convicción. A veces, la idea de un “punk político” puede enfriar a la gente. Pero The Fallout es un regreso a una época en la que el punk de protesta tenía que ver tanto con las melodías como con el mensaje. Estos chicos escriben canciones pegadizas hechas a medida para que grites junto con ellas. La música es poderosa y agresiva, pero también divertida de escuchar. Y así es como debe ser. Si una canción va a inspirar a la gente, tiene que ser inspiradora. ¡Canciones como “Red Light Union” y “Raise Your Flag” te harán enloquecer para atravesar una pared de ladrillos por la causa! Este es el punk “callejero” en el verdadero sentido del término: música para las personas que es relevante para lo que realmente está sucediendo en nuestras calles.

Seguramente, cuando se estaba preparando este álbum, la banda y los sellos no tenían idea de que estallaría un movimiento de protesta masiva de proporciones históricas. Pero las injusticias y la desigualdad que encendieron este movimiento han persistido por generaciones. Solía suponer que la mayoría de la gente sabía que el racismo y el fascismo está mal. Pero en este bizarro mundo moderno donde los antifascistas de repente son “terroristas” y donde puedes no odiar policías por asesinar a personas de color está claro que nada es obvio. No podemos dar por sentado que la cordura prevalecerá o que el progreso es inevitable. Debemos resistir y seguir resistiendo. Y escucharemos música increíble mientras lo hacemos.

Afterboltxebike – Marxist Agitiation EP

… out now  on almost all digital platforms, 7″ vinyl coming sooner than later …

Afterboltxebike : punk agitprop, anticapitalista, antifascista, antirracista de Nuevo León, México. 3 rolas de combat-core anticapitalista para la lucha de clases. Cantos sediciosos y gritos de unidad revolucionaria traídos por Discos Machete, Dure Réalité, Incendiario y Rebel Time Records.

Afterboltxebike: anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, agitprop punk from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Three tracks of anti-capitalist, class-struggle combat-core. Seditious songs / revolutionary rallying cries. Brought to you by Discos Machete, Dure Realite, Incendiario and Rebel Time Records

Afterboltxebike: punk agitprop, anticapitaliste, antifasciste, antiraciste de l’état de Nuevo León au Mexique. 3 morceaux de combat-core anticapitaliste pour la lutte de clases. Chansons séditieuses et cris révolutionnaires offerts par Discos Machete, Dure Réalité, Incendiario et Rebel Time Records

Review ( in German and English ) from Underdog Fanzine:

Afterboltxebike sind eine Hardcore-Punkband aus San Nicolás de los Garza, Mexiko, die 2015 mit der Absicht gegründet wurde, kommunistische/marxistische Inhalte in einem rauen Sound zu betten. Der Bandname stammt von einem Lied der baskischen Punkband Kortatu (die ein explosives Gemisch aus Ska- und Punkelemente gebraut haben) und wird After Bolsheviks gesprochen. Sie vermitteln ihre Botschaft aber nicht nur über Musik, Marcos, Hugo und Diego beteiligen sich auch an verschiedenen politischen Initiativen.

Working Class und Hass auf die Polizei in simplen melodischen Strukturen, die knallen wie ein Molotow-Cocktail. Rau. Laut und schroffe Riffs, heiser-krakeelige Vocals und fertig ist die musikalische Version für eine visionäre bessere Welt, in der es nur eine Klasse, eine Einheit gibt, ohne Religion, Arm in Arm mit den workers of today!

3 Songs, die mit dunklen Klangfarben Eindruck schinden und in einem Sound ertönen, der geeignet ist für den Marsch der Working class revolution.

Afterboltxebike are a hardcore punk band from San Nicolás de los Garza, Mexico, which was founded in 2015 with the intention of embedding communist / Marxist content in a raw sound. The band’s name comes from a song by the Basque punk band Kortatu (who brewed an explosive mixture of ska and punk elements) and is spoken after After Bolsheviks. They convey their message not only through music, Marcos, Hugo and Diego also participate in various political initiatives.

Working class and hatred of the police in simple melodic structures that pop like a Molotov cocktail. Rough. Loud and rugged riffs, hoarse-crackled vocals and the musical version is ready for a visionary better world in which there is only one class, one unit, without religion, arm in arm with the workers of today!

3 songs that make an impression with dark timbres and sound in a sound that is suitable for the march of the working class revolution.


The Fallout – The Times Have Never Changed

… “the people are on the march and must have songs to sing” (Pete Seeger) …

… “just like us you want to figure out / the pain and injustice all about / we picked up our guitars / and we wrote some songs / about protecting rights / and correcting all the wrongs” (The Fallout) …

Don’t care about the Bob Dylan you quote / Books you’ve read or poems you wrote / I see suffering I see no hope / The times have never changed / That’s what drove Phil Ochs insane / The times have never changed / Protest songs of ’67 / Against a war you never ended / All that posing and pretending / The times have never changed / That’s what drove Phil Ochs insane / The times have never changed / The more things change / The more they stay the same / Happens time and time and time again / All I know for sure is we have endless, endless war / The times have never changed

… here it is … proudly presented to you by Discos Machete and Rebel Time Records … “The Times Have Never Changed” … 15 tracks of partisan and unapologetically political agitp(r)op punk rock … songs of unity, inclusion, solidarity and struggle … it’s movement music, it’s people’s songs … and it’s currently a free / pay what you can download on bandcamp … on all other digital platforms shortly, followed by CDs … dig it …

… 15 balazos de punk melódico y político … canciones de amor, rabia y resistencia, de unión, de inclusión, de solidaridad y de lucha …

… ¡Estos son los sonidos de la revolución! …

It’s happening again / Our bleeding hearts are overflowing / Spilling out into the streets / You tell me one more time / No one can change the world / That’s exactly what they say / Every time we come close to overthrowing / All our despair they hope to shatter our dream of global unity / No one is free until everyone is free / To liberate a world oppressed all we really need is / One more movement by the people / One last struggle for the world / Let this be a movement without borders – without nationality / A revolution without gender / – without sexuality / A struggle for all people all races all ethnicities / No segregation – liberation without triumph in defeat

Union Thugs – Revolutionary Folk & Oi From Montreal

Here at Rebel Time Records, we’re big fans of Union Thugs … revolutionary oi and folk out of Montreal … former members of great bands like Action Sedition and Mayday.  Honored to have had them play a number of our shows over the last few years.

They’re a band that has played countless benefit shows for anti-fascist, anti-colonial, union, student movement, community organizing and other righteous causes. They are involved with the Industrial Workers Of The World (IWW). Some members are also involved in the record label Dure Realitie (a self managed and militant Montreal association that wishes to promote a revolutionary culture through artistic outlets).

In 2018, the band released a fantastic 4-song demo:

Now, in 2020, we are stoked to be one of the labels (along with Discos Machete, Dure Realitie and Fire And Flames) helping to put out their upcoming release “Folklore Ouvrier.”

Here’s the song “Les Piqueteuses De La Gloire,” one of the tracks that will be on “Foklore Ourvier”:

And, here’s the first video for the song “Partisan” …

The band says: “composed for the first time in 1943 in the heart of the 2nd World War, the song was re-popularized by Leonard Cohen during the 90s. We are taking it up here in homage to antifascists from all over the world.

Freedom will come soon and we will emerge from the shadows … ”

Oh the wind, the wind is blowing; Through the graves the wind is blowing Freedom soon will come; Then we’ll come from the shadows

Les Allemands étaient chez moi; Ils me dirent “Résigne-toi” Mais je n’ai pas peur; Et j’ai repris mon arme

Personne ne m’a demandé; D’où je viens et où je vais Vous qui le savez; Effacez mon passage

J’ai changé cent fois de nom; J’ai perdu femme et enfants Et je tourne en rond; Dans la prison des frontières

Un vieil homme dans un grenier; Pour la nuit nous a cachés Les Allemands l’ont pris; Il est mort sans surprise

Hier encore, nous étions trois; Il ne reste plus que moi Mais j’ai tant d’amis; Et j’ai ma classe entière

Oh the wind, the wind is blowing; Through the graves the wind is blowing Freedom soon will come; Then we’ll come from the shadows

From their bio:

“Considering themselves first and foremost as workers and then as musicians, the Thugs are six syndicalists who moonlight as a six-piece revolutionary folk band. Union Thugs has a specific goal: to rock folk songs and folk rock songs in order to present a revival of classic popular and working class songs with an original flavour.

​ Averaging thirty concerts a year, the Thugs go where the fight calls them. The Thugs have been known to play concert venues, general assemblies, bar scenes, outdoor festivals, picket lines, you name it! With a set packed by covers of the likes of Woody Guthrie, Utah Phillips, Vilain Penguin, Corrigan Fest, Angelic Upstarts, Molodoi, Brigada Flores Magon and many others, the Thugs deliver an inspiring message of syndicalist revival that puts the emphasis on a boundless Solidarity. Through music, they continue to carry this message further, louder, and stronger.

For a union for all workers,
For industrial democracy and the 4 hour workday,
Abolish the wage system,
Down with a society based on class division,
For a fucking good Rock n’ Folk show!

Here’s an excellent min-documentary about the band … :

The Fallout – The Times Have Never Changed

Coming soon, and hot on the heels of the recently released and well -received 4-song EP “Raise Your Flag,” is The Fallout’s 14-song full-length “The Times Have Never Changed.”

It’ll be out on Rebel Time Records and Discos Machete.

Discos Machete is a new record label based in Mexico City.

The label’s raison d’etre? “Machete Records is an independent label based in Mexico City. From our barricade we seek to support, promote and disseminate anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist and politically committed musical projects. Long live the sounds of the revolution!”

This will be The Fallout’s first long-player since their 2007 release”Dismantlement” which came out on Insurgence Records.

As always, you can expect 14 tracks of hard-hitting, catchy-as-hell, sing-along, three-chord punk rock coupled with well-crafted, well-articulated, socially-conscious lyrics. Songs of union, inclusion, solidarity and struggle.

From their bio: Taking their cue from Pete Seeger’s quote “the people are on the march and must have songs to sing,” The Fallout mete out partisan and unapologetically political agitp(r)op punk rock.

And, as one astute reviewer noted about the band: “The Fallout make you wanna get up, dance and then go and do nasty but well-deserved things to animal abusers / fascists / cops while happily humming one of their delightful ditties.”

Here’s one of the new tracks:

Dead eyes with a cold blank stare Black heart doesn’t feel or care Driven only by market share and a need to survive Figure heads full of shit and lies When are we gonna realize We don’t have any rights if we don’t organize Set us up, set us up just to knock us down Gotta run, gotta run run you out of town Gotta gotta gotta gotta get rid of you There’s only one thing left to do Gotta gotta gotta gotta get rid of you Profits first and people last Take advantage of the working class Hysteria created en masse to conquer and divide Lapdog with authority A governing minority Save money through austerity so viscous and bile Some day we’ll finally see Damage and depravity We’ll drag you through the streets as you beg for mercy In the rubble and the decay As your system fades away We’ll rebuild the ash and clay in solidarity

And, what the heck, here’s another new track that will be on the platter:

It’s happening again Our bleeding hearts are overflowing Spilling out into the streets You tell me one more time No one can change the world That’s exactly what they say Every time we come close to overthrowing All our despair they hope to shatter our dream of global unity No one is free until everyone is free To liberate a world oppressed all we really need is One more movement by the people One last struggle for the world Let this be a movement without borders – without nationality A revolution without gender – without sexuality A struggle for all people all races all ethnicities No segregation – liberation without triumph in defeat

And, hey, while you’re waiting for the new album, please feel free to listen to / download (for free) the band’s previous albums which have just been completely re-mixed, re-mastered and re-released:

Dismantlement (2007 / 2019)

What Is Past Is Prologue (2004 / 2018)

Turning Revolution Into Money (2004 / 2018)

Afterboltxebike – 3-Song EP Out Soon

In association with Incendiario Fanzine, Discos Machete, Dure Realitie and possibly one or two other like-minded labels, we’re happy to announce the forthcoming release of a 3-song EP from Afterboltxebike!

INCENDIARIO is a political hardcore punk and straight-edge zine from Mexico. You can read a fantastic article about the zine (and download PDFs of the first four issues of the zine at DIY Conspiracy.

DISCOS MACHETE is a new label out of Mexico . From their statement of purpose: “Machete Records is an independent label based in Mexico City. From our barricade we seek to support, promote and disseminate anti-authoritarian, anti-fascist and politically committed musical projects. Long live the sounds of the revolution!”

DURE REALITIE is:  “a self-managed and militant Montreal association that wishes to promote a revolutionary culture through artistic outlets. We believe that a label that shows clearly its political positions will support, promote and develop scenes where all forms of discrimination and reactionary ideas won’t be tolerated. Dure Réalité wishes to act as a bridge between Europe and North America. We will contribute to the exposure of local, national and international bands and collectives. The objective of this project is to offer logistical support to bands who wish to tour in Canada, the United-States and different European countries, as a support for the production of new material, musical promotion and diffusion for bands who are clearly antifascist, anticapitalist and/or feminist. Centered more particularly on punk, hardcore, skinhead, reggae, hip-hop and graffiti counter-cultures. Dure Réalité will offer its services for event organizing, distribution, promotion, musical production as well as a media platform.”

On the upcoming EP, you’ll get songs dealing with class consciousness, working class revolution and hating cops, ICE and the National Guard, all done up in Afterboltxebike’s inimitable style.

The band’s first Rebel Time Records release, the 8-song “No Pasaran” cassette was described thusly:

“Anti-capitalist, anti-fascist, anti-racist, and one hundred percent communist punk from Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The cover shows the band sitting in front of a table spread out with several classic punk records including Black Flag, Bad Religion, Operation Ivy, and Sick Of It All but their sound is more of the vein of street punk and at their toughest reminiscent of early Fucked Up. The lyrics are all in Spanish and are what you would expect from an anti-authoritarian band with subjects such as killing fascists, living in an exhausting working class society, and the importance of reading (“read to study, read to learn, read to liberate!”) As part of the proletariat, I identify with much of what they’re pissed about, particularly the lyrics in “No Pasaran”: “I’m sick of waking up at 4AM day after day, not to go running, not to eat, not even to watch TV… moonlighting not for fun but for necessity…” That’s me! Good stuff! –Juan Espinosa (Razorcake)

Here’s “De Que Lado Estas” from the “No Pasaran” cassette:

No tengo duda estoy convencido Que mis patrones son mis enemigos No aspiro a ser como uno de ellos Mi fuerza esta con los obreros Las cadenas que te tienen atado Están en tu cabeza, están en tus manos Nuestra trinchera te está esperando Nuestro camino está muy claro Revolución del proletariado Nuestro sendero está iluminado Por los comunistas que han luchado ¿De qué lado estas? ¿Del patrón o del proletariado?

I have no doubt, I am convinced That the bosses are my enemies I do not aspire to be like one of them My strength is with the workers The chains that have you tied They are in your head, they are in your hands Our struggle is waiting for you You are with the bosses or with the exploited ones Our way is very clear Revolution of the proletariat Our path is illuminated By the Communists who have fought What side are you on? Of the boss or the proletariat What side are you on?