The Fallout – “Casualty” EP

Hot on the heels of their “The Times Have Never Changed” album, The Fallout are back with “Casualty,” a four-song, digital-only release.

As always, a free / pwyc release on Bandcamp. Of course, you can stream it on Spotify, Youtube, etc., etc., as well.

Released by Discos Machete (Mexico) and Rebel Time Records (Canada).

Dig it!

Here’s a review of the EP from A.J. and The Punk Site:

“It’s only been six months since Canada’s The Fallout released the impressive “The Times Have Never Changed” album but now they’re back with the “Casualty” EP, that, as with their previous releases, is available as a ‘name your price’ download via Canada’s Rebel Time Records and Mexico’s Discos Machete imprint. If you’re not familiar with The Fallout then try and imagine something that’s manning the barricades on the edge of the same territory occupied by Anti-Flag and D.O.A., this is political punk rock with it’s roots deep in the scene, but this is not a band looking back, this is the sound of a band facing the future and tackling it head on.

What you get on the “Casualty” EP is four tracks that are delivered in around eight minutes, the EP’s title track launches you straight into a manic and timely blast of energy, the second wave of “Miracles For Sale” takes on religion and challenges blind faith with a blast of straight up old school punk rock. The throttle is twisted and we get back up to speed with a hit of melodic punk rock that raises a middle finger at religion and politics, that is appropriately titled ‘Same Old Shit‘. The “Casualty” EP bows out with ‘Warpath‘ another barbed slice of stripped down straight up political punk rock.

The Fallout are a band that keep the flag burning in the tradition of the best political punk bands, the energy on display backs up the political conviction, and make no mistake, both are equally important elements of The Fallout. “Casualty” combines a die hard D.I.Y. attitude & a genuine conviction, this is all delivered with a generous punk heart, you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by checking this out. If you love your punk with a direct, coherent and energetic message then this is for you. The Fallout are a band who do what they do purely because it’s what they love and to say what needs to be said.”

You can stream and download the “Casualty” EP via Rebel Time Records and Discos Machete”

Here’s videos for a couple of the songs:

footage: G20 demo /police kettling protesters at Queen St. & Spadina Ave. / Toronto / June 26, 2010

They burst in
Stop and stare
Feel the burn
The flame flares
Kicked in the head
Bloody gash
Floor turns red
You’re fading fast
Freedom’s a casualty
Tried to recall
A better time
The downfall
The highest climb
The sun dawns
Day breaks
Your freedom
What they take

footage: women’s marches against gender violence and femicide and for legal abortion / Mexico City / 2020

From a thousand towns
Their heading down
On the warpath
As if you needed proof
Manifested youth
Are on the warpath
A system self reverent
Unable to remain silent
Will get torn apart

As we march along the warpath

Students make plans
Workers take stands
On the warpath
Fathers and sons
Have just begun
Down the warpath

Daughters and their mothers too
Will decide and they shall choose
Lead from the heart
As we march down the warpath