Rebels Sing – A Tribute To Todd Serious And The Rebel Spell

In loving memory of Todd ‘Serious’ Jenkins and in tribute to The Rebel Spell whose songs have touched, inspired and moved so many of us over the years … more than 2 dozen musicians and bands from across the country have collaborated with Harvest King Records, Not Yer Buddy, Deathbridge Disease and Rebel Time Records to bring you ‘REBELS SING’ !!! A double 12″ Vinyl LP featuring 26 covers spanning The Rebel Spell’s discography.

The digital download includes 4 original and beautiful songs in dedication to Todd including one from THE REBEL SPELL!

The record is a 100% non profit endeavor with all proceeds above cost going to a charity of The Jenkins Family’s choosing.

Not Yer Buddy Records / Harvest King Records / Deathbridge Disease / Rebel Time Records /

Released October 1, 2016


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