Rebels Sing – A Tribute To Todd Serious And The Rebel Spell

Rebel Sing "A tribute to Todd Serious and The Rebel Spell"

In loving memory of Todd ‘Serious’ Jenkins and in tribute to The Rebel Spell whose songs have touched, inspired and moved so many of us over the years … more than 2 dozen musicians and bands from across the country have collaborated with Harvest King Records, Not Yer Buddy, Deathbridge Disease and Rebel Time Records to bring you ‘REBELS SING’ !!! A double 12″ Vinyl LP featuring 26 covers spanning The Rebel Spell’s discography.

The digital download includes 4 original and beautiful songs in dedication to Todd including one from THE REBEL SPELL!

The record is a 100% non profit endeavor with all proceeds above cost going to a charity of The Jenkins Family’s choosing.

Not Yer Buddy Records / Harvest King Records / Deathbridge Disease / Rebel Time Records /

Released October 1, 2016


Mossin Nagant – Interview 2015

(While Mossin Nagant weren’t an official Rebel Time Records band, we certainly dug them enough to get copies of their CD to distribute on this side of the pond. Here’s an interview we did with the band.)

As previously promised, and without further ado, here is a bit of an interview with Basque streetpunk band Mossin Nagant. We’ve been listening to their latest self-titled release pretty much non-stop and have copies of it available in our bandcamp distro … 

For those of us who are  not familiar with Mossin Nagant, could you please introduce yourselves.  Who and what is Mossin Nagant?

mossingnagantpromoposterbigMossin Nagant is a streetpunk band from Vitoria-Gasteiz, basque country. Since 2003, our band has changed quite a bit during the years.  We founded our band on a marxist, anti-fascist philosophy, which reflects in our lyrics. Since then, we have had gigs in all kinds of political concerts and festivals in the Basque Country and the rest of Europe (Spanish State, Italy, London, …).

In 2005 Mossin Nagant released an album called “Redskin Sounds from Euskal Herria.”  Now in 2013 you have released a new album!  It took a long time, but it is well worth the wait!! Please tell us about the new record…

Haha! Because we don’t make a living of our music, there has been some fluctuation of band members – lack of time, work issues, etc. Work kills time for the best things of life. For those reasons it took us a lot of time to record and edit the album although we have been playing some of the new songs live for years. Finally we’re happy with the result: the work we put into it and we managed to release a different, grown sound. We could count on people very committed to our music and we edited the album accordingly to the availability of our means. Big ups to Rusty Knife Records (France) and Rumagna Sgroza (Italy) who produced the CD-Version with us and to Brixton Records (Bilbo), Urban Hell Tattoo (Zaragagoza) and Mai Morirem (Barcelona) who produced the vinyl. The album is titled “Mossin Nagant” and has 9 songs. We hope people like it as much as we do.

Mossin Nagant has songs like “R.A.S.H’ and “Red Skins.” Can you tell us what being a red skin or R.A.S.H means to you?

Being skinhead is inherently connected to the working class and its struggles. Music by and for skinheads in our view is the logical consequence and perhaps one of the most honourable forms of cultural expression. Anti-fascim is deeply rooted in our daily life and we try to reflect this in lyrics, attitude, things and acts. Some members of our groups have been active militants of local R.A.S.H. and similar social movements. Our special situation (opression by the Spanish state and living in an occupied country) has taught us to commit to the struggle for independence and to support our political prisoners.

On the song Zauri Zaharra you utilize a musical instrument called a txalaparta.  What is a txalaparta and what is it’s significance?      

The Txalaparta is a specialized Basque music device mde of wood or stone. Used, in the past, as a medium of communication between valleys, nowadays it is an important reference of basque folklore. In this song we used the Txalaparta because the lyrics are about the history of our country and the necessity for revolutionary struggle and independence.

Are there other redskin/political bands that we should know about or be listening to?

Of course! The basque country is a nest of all kinds of political bands, the skin, hardcore and punk scene is active and growing. We would like to recommend you our brothers ‘Boot Boys’, another streetpunk group from our city and Zartako (unfortunately they don’t play out anymore) from Bilbo.

We would like to send a solidarity salute to all of your people out there in Canada. Hopefully we’ll meet some day in concert!

Interview With Action Sedition – 2014

What follows is an interview with Action Sedition done up for the February 2014 issue of Tres Flechas zine (put out by RASH GDL), out of Guadalajara, Mexico. English version followed by Spanish version! Thanks to RASH GDL for sharing it with us!

3FZ – How are you guys? Could you please introduce yourselves and tell us how the band started.

tresflechasGreetings comrades! Action Sedition is made up of Milioi! (ex – Diarrhée Bucale, Les Gens D’armes) on bass and vocals, Remi (ex – In Situ) on guitar, Bo ( ex – Open Wounds) on guitar, Eric on vocals and Junior on drums. The band was formed with its current line-up in September 2011, following our first show in Montreal. Continue reading “Interview With Action Sedition – 2014”

Interview With Action Sedition – 2013

Back in November 2012 we heard Action Sedition for the first time, via a Youtube video for the song “Prisonniers Politique.” We loved the music and message and immediately hit the band up for the interview which follows.

Since then, we’ve been honoured to have Action Sedition on the label in the form of not one, not two, but three releases!

The interview was completed by the entire band and the answers are in both french and english. Continue reading “Interview With Action Sedition – 2013”

Spanner – Interview 2012

An interview with Bristol’s militant ska punk band Spanner that we did back in 2012,  just prior to their triumphant 2013 Canadian tour … you can both download their “Crisis” album and their split 7″ with Action Sedition for free / pay-what-you-want from the Rebel Time Records Bandcamp page … new album from Spanner out shortly on Rebel Time Records and other like-minded labels … 

All right, let’s get this party started…for those of us unfamiliar with Spanner, how about a bit of a history? Who/what is Spanner??

We are an anarcho ska punk band from Bristol, U.K. Formed around 2000 from the wreckage of Disruptive Element (folk punk), we’ve been playing benefit gigs, squat gigs, a few uproarious tours, festivals and the odd wedding since. The band is really going well at the moment, having recently released our first full length album (yeah, I know, what took so long?!) and getting out and about a bit more in Europe over the last few years. We all get on well and really enjoy the band. There’s a distinct lack of rock n roll rows or punk rock punch ups in this band! I love the mix of radical politics and pleasure and I’m happy and proud that Spanner has put a lot back into the scene / movement and supporting a wide variety of struggles. We’re not the most organised of bands, but somehow we carry on!

Spanner has been described as ” knock out in-yer-face political punky ska, more spikey than skanky but still eminently danceable.” Accurate assessment?

We’d say that’s a fair and comradely analysis indeed. We play a  mix of ska, punk and budget  end dub with a bit of bodge it drum and bass now being thrown in here and there, coz we hear the kids like that sort of thing these days! And we call it militant ska punk, because we believe and hope that the music we play should be a reflection of and a contribution towards our politics; part of the soundtrack to revolt and music to riot to, not just for entertainment or pacification / confinement in the subcultural comfort zone. Long live the resisdance!

What do you think of when you think of Canada? If indeed you think of Canada at all…

My reflex response to that question would have to be… Trailer park boys!!! Pure class. If ever we feel the need for bodyguards or getaway drivers for our Canada tour (yeah, we’re thinking a lot about that too!), we’ll be asking for Ricky, Julian and Bubbles. Put a shirt on Randy!!!

Also the 500 plus years of indigenous resistance, anarchist organising and attacks we hear reports of (most prominently during the Winter Olympics and G-20 periods) – and the legendary punk rock city of Montreal! One day we wanna play with Jeunesse Apatride, for example! We’re still pretty envious of the title “Black Block n Roll!”.


Crisis” is the first track on the album, and it’s also the name of the album so I would assume it’s an important song to the band…what’s it all about?

Well, where do we start? Oh yeah, these capitalist scum have a real habit of wanting it all their way, don’t they? Not content with bailing the bankers and desperately trying to save themselves from system collapse with our money they’re intent on making us pay again with their so called “austerity measures” (read full scale attack on working conditions, livelihoods and essential services for millions of people and our class as a whole). We are now faced with increased, intensified insecurity and precarity and deteriorating conditions in the workplace and job losses everywhere. Meanwhile profits rise and the bosses and bankers continue to reward themselves with huge pay rises and bonuses for their services to capital. Last year, the world’s millionaires managed, in the thick of the “crisis”, to increase their accumulated wealth by 10%. The richest 10% now own 83% of the world’s wealth and the gap between the haves and the have  nots continues to grow ever wider. And yet in the U.K. we are cursed with a government filled with multimillionaires spouting shit like “we’re all in this together” and urging us to tighten our belts and work harder and longer for less, all for  the “national interest”. Their plan is the wholesale destruction and privatisation of public services and this so called crisis is just an excuse to further neoliberal policies and go looting capitalist style i.e. on a massive, global scale. As always it is us who suffer the consequences, with libraries, day centres for the elderly, community projects, youth clubs, advice centres and so much more abandoned and closed down. Working class kids are shut out of further education and left with nothing and the sick are left to die while mercenary corporations are queueing up to get their hands on our schools and hospitals.

We often hear people talking about “Tory cuts”, but this badly misses the point. The present government is simply continuing where the last one left off. Capitalism itself is the problem and all government serves the needs of capital, managing a system based on massive inequalities of income and wealth. The cuts are not just part of economic class warfare, they are totally political and designed to discipline us all and to let us know who’s boss.

They try to tell us that the cuts are “inevitable” but we’ve got other ideas about how we can redistribute the wealth and turn their crisis into our opportunity for advancing the spread of revolutionary ideas and action. It’s a good time to be an anarchist as the system has been so thoroughly shown for what it is and our ideas suddenly seem to make a lot more sense. But our rulers won’t go down without a fight of course. We have to counter their lies and misinformation designed to confuse, divide and demoralise our class and to divert and destroy any rebellion and revolt. But we’ve already seen some inspiring examples and more potential for widespread, collective resistance, in our communities and workplaces. We have to do all we can to link up seemingly isolated struggles and increase coordination and solidarity and make or actions more effective and powerful.

The song “Autonomous Spaces” seems to deal with, it seems to me, a particular space? Is this the case? Is the band associated with (or affiliated with) a particlar info-shop or something?

I’m involved with Kebele social centre, which is an anarchist centre in Easton, Bristol.  It has it’s ups and downs and can often take over a lot of your life, but it’s a very inspiring project which has been going for 15 years now. It’s about collectively meeting our needs and organising for ourselves without bosses or leaders, showing a good example of putting our politics into practice in the here and now, in a DIY, not for profit space. Again, so much to say about it all but this is a zine, not a book! Check out for more info on our history,ideas, events, activities etc and come and visit one day! So, the song is about some of the experiences of the day to day problems and pitfalls but also the constant sources of inspiration and confirmation of the strength of our ideas and in making revolution every day. There’s also a benefit CD for Kebele available from our Info shop!

The Class Assassins – “The Addiction & The Solution”

The Class Assassins: Timeless, catchy-as-heck, anthemic, sing-a-long streetpunk with something to say. The guys in the band are a veritable who’s-who of Toronto punk rock … over the past 20 or 30 years they’ve been in such bands as Bitter Grin, Hockey Teeth, Direct Action, 2-Pump Louie, Sinkin’ Ships, Problem Children, Chronic Submission and more. 

Stoked to have a couple of Class Ass releases under our Rebel Time Records belts.

The Class Assassin’s latest offering, “The Addiction & The Solution” is a top-notch, 2-song, 1-theme, digital-only release that clocks in at a super-sized 13 + minutes.

1pn Insert.qxd:CD 1pn Insert.qxdIt’s a “concept single,” says guitarist Cactus Vella, “the concept for the two songs came naturally, and together they tell a full story. It’s something unique and it’s different from anything else the band has put out. We’re known for writing 3-and-a-half minute anthems, so it’s nice to break the mould once in a while.”

On writing ‘The Addiction,” singer Chad Nugent says: “The lyrics came easily to me as I was fed up with how governments across the globe are in bed with the major corporations and are being bought and controlled by them all the while using us as their tools.” He adds: “I don’t want to get into a big political discussion about it; it’s all in the lyrics. I think that if you read them you’ll see exactly where we are coming from. They stand on their own laurels.”

When it came to penning the 9-minute “The Solution”, Chad states that “I looked at the words for The Addiction, then I looked at the Idle No More” movement and it all kind of fell into my lap. I have a deep respect for Indigenous peoples. Right now they are not only standing up for themselves but for the entire globe and that gave me the inspiration I needed. We’re the solution if we all stand together and fight for what’s right. Make your voice be heard!”

1pn Insert.qxd:CD 1pn Insert.qxdOn putting together this punk rock piece de resistance, Cactus says that “We started writing The Solution” a year ago. We were excited about writing a song that was well over the 6 minute mark and liked the idea of potentially composing a 10 minute long song. But it wasn’t as simple as just repeating your chorus 8 or 9 times, and a bunch of guitar leads. It was about creating a flow and a direction. Moving forward and upward, keeping the listeners attention, building the energy, until finally reaching the coda.”

Both Cactus and Chad are quick to point out the invaluable assistance of Producer Dave Baksh. “Working with Mr. Dave Baksh is a treat because it’s almost like having a sixth member. Our songs are never truly finished until he hears what we are doing. He really pushes us which brings out the best of us,” says Chad, while Cactus adds,”We were excited to work with Dave Baksh again. After he produced “The Treason 45” we knew we wanted to work with him again. He really gets our band and brings out the absolute best in us every time.”

Here’s what folks had to say about the release

Canadian Street Punk outfit ‘Class Assassins’ are back with a new single and it’s a pretty cool release. The A-Side ‘The Addiction’ is a full on high quality punk rock affair that you’d expect from these guys. What makes this single is the second track ‘The Solution’ which is a up-tempo punk rock number lasting over 9 minutes! I was quite surprised how well it works as I was expecting the song to be dragged out but how wrong I was. If you love bands like the Clash then you’ll certainly enjoy what’s on offer with the Class Assassins. 8/10  -(Street Voice )

Formed in 2001 in Toronto, Ontario THE CLASS ASSASSINS and play anthemic, sing-a-long, melodic street punk that will stick in your ear holes and won’t get shook out. 
This two song single is being released online only, which kind of sucks because I like to actually own the physical copies of my music, but with such a great band like THE CLASS ASSASSINS, I will forgive this crime…this time! It starts off with “The Addiction” which has the power that I expect from their releases, great gang vocals, raspy lead vocals, chiming guitar playing that has a touch of THE CLASH to it, pounding drums, bass playing that fits perfectly in tune with the drumming and a chorus that is huge, and “The Solution” starts off with some acoustic guitar, some feedback and then the band kicks you in the teeth with its hard-hitting street punk that has great gang vocals, and playing that will get you moving whether you want it to or not, and you will comply to their music and move your ass. 
With the great lyrics and their talent at playing, this is a release that needs to be heard by a lot of people, tell your friends to go and get this download and play it loud and proud. Every time I see something new from this band, I must get it, they are that good!  (Altered Frequencies) 

“The Addiction & The Solution” is available both from  Itunes and the Rebel Time Records  bandcamp page. for only $2.00

Here’s what your toonie gets you:


I know just what I want/ It’s a world of peace and a world of love/ But it’s so hard to believe in what this world has become/ Some of us will cope where others fail/While all the bankers get out, they get out on bail/ A soldier sets out to war/What’s he really fighting for?/Build the rockets, line the pockets/ For the next generation of the money whores/ Hang on to hope to no avail/ Hang on to everything because it’s all up for sale/ Well you know what’s right & you know what’s wrong/ So tell me what is going on?/Well you know what’s right and you know what’s wrong/So tell me what is going on/ It’s the addiction & it don’t belong/ So tell me what’s been going on/ Hold the power, harness the greed/ Wealth will come from growing the seed/ Build the rockets, line your pockets for the distribution of the chicken feed/ Hang on to hope to no avail/ Hang onto everything because it’s all up for sale/


Opinions matter at this event so we all listen to what we are against/Stand and deliver is the intent but it’s all in a colour code as we sit on the fence/What’s the solution? Were the solution/Built up with promise it’s all been sent/All an illusion so we we’ll fold the tents/We will rock you, heads will roll/We must shock you, this nations soul/This nations soul. Were the solution/Stand between the power and the greed. So goes the script we all need/You say you know just what I want/Set the rules, set the play/I flip my card and all I feel is rage/It all comes down to you and me but some of us are too blind to see/They took a turn but turned away as we stand here with something left to say/This attack is on a global stage. Tear it down/No one seems to wanna turn the page. Burn it down/All is lost if we don’t stand. Tear it down/Take back time and circumstance. Burn it down/In search of monsters to destroy/They’re in the mirror not the toy/Lies & bigotry has got no one to employ/No stock, no time, no living proof left in their voice/Now that the truth has been exposed/ It’s up to us how the story goes/ In the book of our nations soul/It’s time to take a stand/ Take back what is our land/Were the solution, their heads will roll/